Zdenek Stybar is CX World Champion again!

Started from the 4th row with number 40 on his back. Was first after one lap and then he and Sven Nys raced the hole race together. Awesome racing with the two best cyclocrossers in the world. Only sad thing is Stybar’s helmet, why that ugly Specialized aerohelmet? Too long.

Skärmavbild 2014-02-02 kl. 16.05


1. Zdenek Stybar – Czech Republic

2. Sven Nys – Belgium

3. Kevin Pauwels – Belgium

4. Klaas Vantornout – Belgium

5. Tom Meeusen – Belgium

6. Lars van der Haar – The Netherlands

Fast Belgium riders. So let’s hope Stybar races some more cyclocross races last year and start planning the trip for the World Championship. Next year in Tabor so home country for Stybar and he knows how to win as he won there last time 😀

CX World Championships 2014 course preview

Sport.be has been in Hoogerheide and testridden the cours for the World Championship next weekend. Watch the video here:

Last time it was the World Championships in Hoogerheide in the Netherlands was in 2009 where Niels Albert attacked on the first lap and won the race, pretty impressive. Marianne Vos of course won the womens race. Will be more interesting this year I think. Vos has Compton and Niels Albert isn’t so much faster than the others this year. If you want to see how fast they are there is the last World Cup race in Nommay in France tomorrow. Can watch it on UCI’s Youtubechannel: UCIchannel

The World Championship and GP Neerpelt

Today is the fourth time Sweden got a big chance to win a world championship this year. First was XCE that Alexandra Engen won. Second was Women XCO U23 with Jenny Rissveds that didn’t have the day we all wished for. Third was Women XCO Elite with Alexandra Engen that didn’t win this year either, smallest chance of the three I think.

But today the chance is big again. Women Elite road in Firenze with Emma Johansson. She’s leading the World Cup, she has beaten Marianne Vos and the rest of the starters. Will she do it again? GO EMMA!!! Starting a little after 14.00 today.

So how come Sweden doesn’t show more women cycling? Maybe not as fast riding as men but we got a lot bigger chance to win and we really got the top riders. 

But at the same time it’s a big CX race in Belgium, first with Sven Nys in Europe this season. Live stream starts 14.15 so guessing the race will start 14.30. Links here: Cyclingfans

Cyclocross in Erpe-Mere and Norway/Sweden cups

BTB TV is showing from Starcrossed in USA that was last weekend and the racing also started in Belgium. Erpe-Mere had the first race and watch the crowds, a lot of people:

And things happening here in Norway too. This years Norwegian Cup:

5/10 Sandnes

6/10 Bryne

19/10 Svelvik

20/10 Drammen

2/11 Tønsberg

Sweden’s answer long time planned looks like this:

12-okt    GöteborgCK Master/GCK, MCKCX-Cup

13-okt    GöteborgCK Master/GCK, MCKCX-Cup

19-okt    SöderköpingSöderköpings SKCX-Cup

20-okt    NorrköpingKolmårdens MTBCX-Cup

26-okt    HelsingborgCKXCX-Cup

27-okt    ÅstorpÅstorps CKCX-Cup

09-nov    KarlstadSkoghalls CK/OK TyrCX-Cup

10-nov    KarlstadSkoghalls CK/OK TyrCX-Cup

16-nov    StockholmCK CX & Cykloteket RTCX-SM

17-nov    StockholmSMACKCX-Cup

How many of you going to race CX this season?

CX World Champions is today! Schedule

Due to stormy weather tomorrow everyone racing today. Schedule:

men junior 15.45
women elite 17.00
men U23 18.30
men elite 20.30

How come women juniors and women u23 doesn’t have any worlds? Sad by UCI.

Livestream by UCI here: http://www.youtube.com/ucichannel

world cup in Hoogerheide today

So don’t miss the days racing. And cheer on these (a.k.a Swedish national team):

From: Åsa Erlandsson

Men’s racing is the only one streamed as usual and starts at 15.00, live stream starts at 14.30 so hopefully we will see Marianne Vos win the womens race with Sanne van Paassen second in some highlights first.

Live stream as always here: Sports-Livez

Look at the french!

First out, saw this on Facebook yesterday and have to share. Perfect built Look 596 that looks really good:



That frame have a hard time too look good but this build succeeded I think, or what do you say?

And then the french people. You can see both WOMEN and  MEN at national CX championships today! And then the Belgium men too if you want, find it here as always: Sports-Livez

The champion is back! The christmasgift to Cyclocross

Some people you like more than others, some are better than other in certain things, some people you just miss when they leave. Cyclocross racing this year have been too belgian, too much Niels Albert vs Sven Nys. But the 22th december it all will be awesome and you can watch the best sport with the best racers again. Zdenek Stybar is back!!!

Even if it’s just for a short time he’s back. Planned race schedule for him is:

22/12 Essen

26/12 Heusden/Zolder

28/12 Loenhout

29/12 Bredene

30/12 Diegem

1/13 Baal

12/13 Stribro (Czech Republic national championship)

You can see and hear it by Stybar himself here:

And read about it on his website here: Zdenek Stybar

So plan your travelling, your live stream, tv, or what ever you can do to cheer on the best cyclocrosser so he will come back to the best sport.