10,04kg Liteville

Sad time at work today after I bleed my brakes and adjusted a bit, the bike should be under 10kg, not like this:



But looks awesome anyway:



Took for a little testride after work too. A bit to much air in the fork and a sinking seatpost, except that I think this will be an awesome Bergensbike. Pretty light and a fork that you can sink how much you want with just one press so good for climbing. Single chainring for clean setup, no extra stuff on the bar so pretty clean there too. 650b for better rolling than 26″ and easier than 29″. 120/130mm travel for eating rocks and roots. German engineering to not have to think about it, it just works.

Did my first crash of the season too, slippy roots and had problems riding two places. But the bike saved me some times too, a bit too big rock on one place so jumped a little on the fork and another rock just in the way so had to ride over in on one place. Great 😀 Sram XX1 twisters is almost to easy to shift with, the ball bearings really works but not sure if it is the best, we’ll see. Had some problems with braking on my Scalpel in Sweden with Avid Elixir 5 brakes, today with Formula R1 Racing with Ashima rotors it was perfect, no need to train my fingers 🙂

Stats and map: Movescount

Tomorrow I will ride with some friends with a finetuned bike. Then it’s just to find the perfect air pressure. 2,25″ clinchers with stans is a bit different than tubulars, a bit more careful going down in pressure now.

Santa Cruz Solo, the definition

Today we had Rocky Mountain on a visit in the store, talking about their brand, bikes, style and what they want. A MTB brand. And thought about that, with people. I can only say I know 3 mtbikers, 3 different people and riders but they are true mtbikers. I’m not, just a wannabe because mtbikers are the coolest. Look at Marco Aurelio Fontana, Nino Schurter or why not a women rider like Alexandra Engen. We don’t have to hope that they leave mtb for road or something else, they won’t (and no, I don’t know Schurter or Fontana). They are mtb. But is there any other brand than Rocky Mountain that is breathing mtb? Yes, Santa Cruz, more brands I don’t know, do you?

Rocky Mountain has it’s Altitude that seems like a perfect bike for All Mountain but to much travel for me. Cannondale got a Trigger that is more racing but with perfect amount of travel, but too small wheels. When I was thinking of an All Mountain bike earlier I wanted 650b (yes I tried it), around 130mm of travel, a wide flat bar, 1×11 or 1×10, not enormous discs and as usual a great weight as I’m a weightweenie after all. Ended up with build a Liteville 301 as I got one for a good price.

But if you can’t you should look at this. Santa Cruz Solo with a high-end frame, 125mm travel, 650b, some nice specs, awesome colours (Liteville is plain boring design) and did an awesome video with the DHiller Steve Peat in Scotland:

If you like it, or just curious and wants to know more, you can look at more pictures and read about it here: MTBR

bike of the week: SuperSIX Evo

Is there some colour I don’t like it’s black, black and stealth bikes. Like colours like a Mondrian Look, a Lampre Wilier La Roi, Time VXRS World Star Ulteam or why not a Cannondale SuperSIX Evo in replica colours:



So when I got the possibility to get a cheap used SuperSIX Evo frame I wasn’t so slow of changing. Hoped to save some weight too but it’s not a hi-mod so pretty heavy (to be an Evo). But can be good anyway and it’s a frame with nice features that same some weight. Integrated brake wire to rearbrake without housing ends, pretty short housings needed to so saved some weight. PF30 usually saves weight compared to a normal BSA frame but as I want to ride my Campagnolo Super Record crank with Rotor Q-rings it wasn’t that light.

Anyway, got a set of awesome looking and lightweight brakes:

IMAG0584 IMAG0581


Light b-t-p brake shoes. But as you maybe can see I have a heavy weight handlebar. 40cm and 256g, but like it. Super Record rear derailleur with Chorus 12-25 cassette and Record chain (lighter than KMC X11SL)



It’s a bit heavier than my old Sram Red but like Campagnolo so much more. Also got a 11-23 Record cassette if I want to save some weight and ride fast but with the climbs here it’s nice with a 25. Campagnolo Super Record compact crankset with 36/50 Rotor Q-Rings and a Super Record front derailleur. Time Xpresso8 pedals:



And one more on the complete bike, now against the wall:



Thinking of changing the stem for a more suitable after I tried it. And maybe POP-Products spacers in some other colour 😉

Total weight should be 6030g but not all sure as I haven’t hanged it on a scale complete.