190min of suffering, a.k.a. Lida Loop

No racemood, no power, no result. Felt like I was finished after 4km today, then it was 60km left. Thought of abandon the race after loop 1 but continued after I got a new bottle from David and cheered on by Niclas Andersson (best supportguy in Swedish mtb). Halfway I slipped on some wet roots and crashed, my leg and arm was hurting but didn’t see any blood (between the mud) so continued. Fredrik Winberg who I always beat passed me and so did Martin. Thought of abandon after loop 2.

Passed the start/finish area and got a new bottle from David. Said it was sucked but continued. Was burping my rear tire on a descend and felt a bit soft. 0,9-1 bar something when I stopped and felt. Rode easily and borrowed a pump from a guy standing on the side and pumped up to like 1,2. Continued.

Passed 10km to go and I calculated a finish time around 3h15min, not under 2h57min that I wanted. Didn’t see the 5km sign but a 4 and then the 2 came pretty fast. Passed 1km to go and passed a couple of guys. Ended with a climb up the ski slope and passed 3 more riders. Thought I was halfway up but where all the way so closed my skinsuit and rolled over the finish line.

It felt like shit, disappointed with the time. But happy with the finish, a finish is so much better than a DNF. 3h10min.

Big thanks to David from Specialized Concept Store Stockholm for super feeding. Thanks to all my friends making my hard life a bit easier. SCS Racing Team got 2 3rd places today too. Axel Lindh in men elite and Carolin Holmqvist in women elite 😀 Fredrik ”Seglarn” Edin won men elite and Åsa Erlandsson women elite.

Me, Jaime (who beat me with 11min) and the great Axel Lindh by Jesper Andersson

My skinsuit was just fantastic today. Great fit, great padding and so right functions 😀 Even so I think of racing more just to be able to use it 😉