Le peloton #153 and Stuttgart 

A long day started like this

Didn’t have any good legs today either so decided pretty fast to join group 3. Not the best cooperation but we managed an average of just under 35km/h with around 5 guys in the end. 

Then after a day at work I’ve been traveling stressed on a late buss, calm on the train and later enjoying life with 1st class SAS flights down to Stuttgart in Germany. Here over the weekend for some variation, interesting riding and exploring a bit more of the black forest. Are you close write a comment and join me for a ride or coffee 🙂 


Was a lot of throwback Thursday pictures on Instagram today and I checked my archive too, there are so many good moments to remember 🙂


From my first long ride the 1st May 2012. 200km going over mountain and along the Hardanger fjord back to Bergen in Norway. Was a magical day and the ride I will always remember. The start.






Looking forward for an even better 2016 😀 Aiming to be as good so I can eat more ice cream when we stop and be able to enjoy both sun and rain (we can all hope)

Le Peloton #22

The day started trying getting a PR on a Strava segment right outside my door, failed and still fastest with the Roubaix last sunday 😉

Not as many riding Le Peloton today like last week, maybe the weather was the key to that:

On this picture you can see my Swedish idol in mtb. Had the honour to ride with Fredrik Kessiakoff today (for a while). A classy rider that knows how to ride and when I suffered up to Fisksätra today it seemed so easy for him, but worse for some other riders.

Today I rode with the 1st group, rode smart and felt relaxed. Being stressed is never a good thing when you try to push the maximum. Up to the Fisksätra sprint I was in the peloton, not helping but still there. Back to Saltsjö-Duvnäs I got in the wrong lane and ended up in the front for a short while, that’s when I failed. Was a too big effort for me so dropped just before Saltsjö-Duvn’s. But connected when the slowed down to turn and sat as last rider. Hard right up Ektorpbacken and I got dropped for real.

Rode alone to Nacka Forum before the 2nd group came. Joined them for the rest and ended with some PR and some 2nd and 3rd times. Satisfied with the ride and felt that I did my best. But still learning riding good and is trying to be better every ride. 🙂

Back at Le Mond having a good breakfast and looking down at the elite table 😉

Map and stats: Movescount

Going home after work I was a bit in going fast mood so pushed on a bit and got a couple of really good times 😀

Le Peloton #16

Today it should have been cold again and it was announced to ride CX on the CX-loop. As I’ve sold my CX I asked Patrik if I could borrow his, and he said yes 😀

Specialized Crux Pro Carbon with Sram CX1, Roval Rapide CLX 40 disc wheels with Specialized Terra mudtyres, S-Works saddle, CG-R seatpost, stem and handlebar.

So top of the line and first ride with CX1 and with hydraulic disc brakes. I am used to a great cx frame like my Cannondale SuperX and can’t say I felt any difference. The difference was round and fast. Wheels are important and these ones where very stiff and the ceramic bearings helped me as they never stopped rolling.

So the start looked like this:

With many riders going on road and Magnus taking a picture from the other side. Where just 5 who was riding the cx loop, a lot less percent than it was on the Facebookside.

Anyway the Crux was fast and I felt pretty good too. Beat my record of keeping up with Nils. fter trying to ride fast alone I ended up going slow and waiting for Magnus who some meters behind and then riding with him the rest. We kept the pace up much better than I would manage alone and as he’s strong I suffered like the Peloton is meant to do.

In the end there is a Strava section called Last Woodsection and is about 500m. Slighty uphill mostly and a small downhill in the end. Today I left Magnus and aimed for a PR there and did it with 9 seconds 🙂 10th overall of 206 riders now.

Ended up doing a PR on the complete loop too, beat my record with 5min 36seconds 😀 Great ride ending with a great breakfast at Le Mond, today with a new/another girl working there.

Map and stats: Movescount

Have to get a really good wheelset for my roadbike after Belgium next week. Today I felt it again. Roval Rapide CLX40 and Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate have made me feel difference between good and not so good wheels for real.

Le Peloton #15

Don’t want to brag about any records but spring is here. 34 riders gathered this morning to ride too fast for themselfs together:


2 groups, 1 fast big group that rode the complete ”course” and one gruppetto riding the same way we have been ridden the last times I’ve been riding.

Joined the first group as it’s better training to ride fast and to try. Was hard but manageable until we turned out to the Fisksätra loop, managed to hang on for 2km but then I was smoked. Turned around and it was a couple of guys behind me too not turning around. Rode back and continued the regular route thinking that I may get up to the gruppetto. Was alone back to Sickla, alone to Älta. Reached the gruppetto in Flaten as they took the little loop there where I’ve never ridden. Rode with them the rest and it went pretty easy in the beginning. But was hard in the end on the long straight to Enskededalen, was on second wheel and when the guy went to the side I had to sprint to ride a little faster. Continued up the hill in the middle and left over to Carolin who sat behind me. Sat on her wheel the last bit, while the rest of the group was dropped 😉

Then easy riding to café Le Mond for a great breakfast, a lot to do for the workers today and hard for me when my VISA didn’t work. Good with friends to borrow money sometimes 🙂

Great training with speed. I need both speed and power so todays and yesterdays training feels like quality 🙂 Map and stats from today: Movescount

The spring is here and I’m out :D

2 digit temperature and the sun was out today. Perfect day to try my Allez and perfect day to go to Ösmo and have a great fika (Swedish word for a coffee and something to eat). The only bad thing today was the wind, a lot of it, at least if you’re not strong as Kwiatkowski.

Rode with a nice group from bikecafé Le Mond and my friend Jaime joined up too. Headwind down to Ösmo on flat open roads. After the break we where 6 riders who went riding back to Stockholm, the other took the train and tailwind on great small roads going up and down was really fun. Roads that invites to attacks, sprints and just to go fast. Until you get a hammer 😉 Fortunately we had a guy that wasn’t so fast with us so had to wait for him sometimes, good for me 🙂

The bike felt good and great to ride on and attack. But not so fast with my superlow wheels and wide tires. Not an aerobike, but I’m not an aero rider so suits me good.

Enough with text, here comes some pictures from Kalle, Oscar, me and maybe someone else from today:

1901704_10153160552449066_8592243692597836029_n 10365726_10153160552354066_2466737617714242940_n 10926217_10153160552314066_333437682695768137_n 10988469_10152675844630950_9103444257819036436_o 11024651_10153212803414905_8827970644443541989_n 11025988_10153160552399066_6543493571677797599_n 11029561_10153212803459905_5278220284603097632_n 11038126_10153160552504066_2608302268805815488_n 11057389_10153160246264066_5426618824314122136_n

Rode almost all Café du Cycliste clothes today 😉 But have to invest in some new shoecovers I saw this morning. Style is important.

Map and stats: Movescount