Le Snooze

Christmas party with work yesterday ended with me getting home at 0.30 last night. Was a bit optimistic and sat my alarm for 05.00 to do Le Peloton but when I woke of it I changed my mind. Way to early and changed the alarm for 07.00 to ride a bit before work at least.

Getting up at 7 was hard too but with my mind thinking I would have failed if I just rode to work made it possible. Less than an hour later I was out on my bike meeting all the people driving the cars towards the Stockholm city centre. The weather was grey, the roads wet and my speed was low. But getting some fresh air and time to just be was nice, great energy 🙂


Sometimes it’s just nice to get out on the small easy rides to recover and to set the life standard a bit higher. Happy I had some Specialized Dry-Tech fenders keeping my dry today but as it started to drip a bit before Älta and my windjacket got wet from above I found out I need a good simple rainjacket made for roadbiking, something a bit less bulky and heavy duty then my Poc rainjacket…

Map and stats: Strava

2016, the magic year

I had a goal of 15000km and a dream of 730h. Were never stressed about the distance but saw pretty fast the dreamtime would be impossible. I ride for fun after all.

It all started with Tour de Ötzi, 246km in winterweather and mostly alone. Not the funniest ride but good for mindtraining and to learn eat and drink even when it’s cold.

I have been doing 61 Le Peloton, a lot of Morningspins and Älgö Deluxe. Some Le Snooze. I’ve been cycling in Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany and Canada.

I have been riding a lot of Specialized bikes like Roubaix, Tarmac, Venge Vias, Crux, Diverge, Daily, Stumpjumper HT, Epic FSR, Stumpjumper FSR, Fatboy and Sequoia.

I have raced mtb and had a lot of fun going fast.

I have race TT that I never thought I would do and got 5th in men Elite.

I have joined Sumo Cycling and used the Gravity support 😉


I’ve been around new places, discovered new roads with great friends:



I have discovered the Aero Advantage and got a lot faster on Le Peloton:


But I also tried to survive with help of Ice Cream after the longest climb in my life:


In short it’s 4 people that helped me discover new places and roads. Emile has always been there and seen me from fast to slowest, from happy to just tired of his shortcuts, riding next to me on the 2nd picture. And Hagen, a friend I get a lot of inspiration from and is seen with me riding in the middle of nowhere on the 3rd picture. Next is Emil, been to different countries together and been seen riding different bikes in different conditions together, but all in all we just want to look good:


The last guy, Henrik who is always riding. Will never get as fast or ride as far as him but he is my best friend and we can’t come up with a single ride together in Sweden where we haven’t ridden some gravel:


Then there is many more I have ridden with that’s worth mentioning but it takes too much time here. Called a Social Butterfly on Strava and the reason I get so many miles is because I want to ride with all my friends, all the time 😉


Never thought this year would include so much fun and good rides. Never thought I was able to ride as fast as I’ve done. But I always thought that the motivation will continue.

So thanks to you all my friends that keep riding fun! Thanks to Specialized Concept Store Stockholm for helping me with the best bikes in the world! Thanks to Rapha for motivating ambassadors to make super Events! Thanks to Café du Cycliste to providing my favorite clothes with a superb fit no matter how long the rides are! Thanks to Isabelle/SCF for letting me help the best riders in Germany for a weekend. Thanks to Therese who showed me another cycling world!

So now we stop looking back and looking forward to a new year that can be even better 😀


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laatste ronde: Le Peloton/Snooze

Not working today so then it was bike riding on the schedule for the last time this year. Got invited to a late Le Peloton at 9 o’clock so a Le Snooze.

Around 0° C so tried my new wintershoes with just a pair of socks inside, so great to not have to use shoecovers and still be warm and weatherproof:

Specialized Defroster of couse. Had a pair some years ago but the new ones are so much better. Better fit but the biggest change is the boa compared to the old straps that didn’t tighten so good. Looks got pretty clean too. Warm all ride and could even had thinner socks.

As for new parts I also tried a new saddle today. a Specialized Romin Evo Pro so the bike looked like this:

At Urban Deli it was half mtb and half cx today, some with studded tires and some without. Only me with tubulars and cantilever brakes. Think this is the last winter season this bikes goes on. Anyone wants to buy it? Size 52.

As for the ride my shape seemed to be a bit in the middle today. Lost a group in the first climb but also had some riders behind. Rode alone not so fast until a guy on a Colnago who missed the start came and passed me. Rode with him a short while until he dropped me on the only climb I didn’t have grip so had to walk up.

Stopped and waited for the two riders behind me on a hill but they never came so rode alone. Met Viktor at an intersection who wasn’t sure on which way so we rode the rest together. He was faster on his Epic at some parts and I was faster on some parts but pretty equal in the end I think.

a Le Peloton/Snooze ride have to end with a coffee and when Lemond is closed Magnus Johansson it is. Called Sara that already where home (miss the coffee, no way). And met up with Malin. Sara changed clothes and then we all got a nice coffee together and ended the great start of New years eve like this:

Map and stats: Movescount

Happy New Year all readers/followers and hope we’re getting a better 2015 😀