recovery thursday

First day of the year, first free day from work and still winter. Great to get some inspiration the best year in our lives with some good videos. Especially as I’ve watched the XCO World Cup from Meribel last year and watched Katerina Nash and Wout Van Aert with the Grote Prijs Sven Nys in Baal 🙂

Starting from north with an older video from Hillsidecycling in Gothenburg, Sweden:

A bit more south is Switzerland that got some big mountains and beautiful trails:

Ending in Andorra with a cool video from Commencal ripping it all:

GBG Moves

Thought of blogging about this this morning but my internetconnection didn’t work. So here we go, a nice  video from the ”XC”riding in Gothenburg, Sweden. Where XC means at least 150mm damping, a lot of protection and too technical trails 😉 Have ridden there a couple of times with a normal XCbike and it works but a lot of work compared to an AM bike.