One of the downsides with being home from work too long is that you am checking everything you like on internet twice. And a throwback Tuesday I’m thinking of mtb like this one:


Racing in a speedsuit:


Every cyclist should have a mtb. No matter if you race or just want to get out in the nature. Just going out for an after work ride with friends without stress is so nice. No matter if you got a fast friend and pushing it or not so fast and just enjoying the trails it is something different compared to asphalt or gravel. In Stockholm you can have an average speed of 10km/h in Hellas as it’s pretty technical but it’s great training.

Keep it fun 😀

Lida Loop


Had a nice setup for todays race 🙂 Very relaxed before the start.

The start up a small skislope went very much under control and much easier compared to Långa Lugnet and Billingeracet. Then it was 9km with runningtracks on gravel, fast, fast and fast. Felt ok and think I had some more speed than before today 🙂 Not the fastest on the singletrack but did my best and first and 2nd loop went. In the end of the 2nd loop I was riding the startslope and turned left, onto some gravel and lost my bike… Took down some tape, got some wounds and messed up my mind.


3rd loop felt same as for 2 years ago, just get in your mind and get through as fast as possible. Tired and hurt a bit from the crash.

Finished after 2h48min and it got me a 35th place in Men 30, 188 overall.


Feeding by Patrik today, awesome 🙂


And maybe I looked a bit fast a couple of times:

Pictures by Patrik, David, Happyride.se, Johan, Jaime and Rickard 😀

Thanks everyone for a great event

Map and stats: Strava

2017 release

2016 was an amazing cycling year for me. Succeeded with all my plans except for riding more with CK Valhall. Read about them here: The big plans for 2016

The first thing is I’m changing cycling club. Got an offer I couldn’t resist from:

Specialized Concept Store CK


And really looking forward to race XC with John, Magnus, Damian, Hanna, Johan and the rest 😀 XC isn’t dead and it’s the funniest discipline to race and I miss it from earlier days.

Racing and riding more mtb includes less roadbiking and less miles overall. But after this year I know I can ride a lot and learned a lot about resting and I think I’m good in not getting stressed.

2017 will get better than before, aim to ride faster, rest better and smile more 😀 Motivation is all and my Sequoia is getting me motivated to ride fast in the spring and all summer. Want to improve my tan and explore new roads without being the slowest guy. Of course I will never give up style, always want to look as good as I can and be correct.

If I would taking it down to dots, putting numbers and dates for the year it looks something like this:

  • 27-29 jan Basemile Snowdown (epic winterriding with awesome people in a beautiful landscape)
  • feb-mars Keps Cup (local mtb cup)
  • all summer Stockholm MTB Cup
  • 13th May Långa Billingeracet (best marathon race in Sweden)
  • a Sunday in June Lida Loop (XCM with the club and work)
  • summer Want to go to France again, lovely country
  • 1st weekend in August Race Across Skåne
  • middle of August Rapha 12 Hills
  • 26th August Hansen Cykelløb (icecreamgravel in Denmark)

That’s the plan so far. What do you got for plans?