UCIWWT Boels Ladies Tour

You know when you race on home soil and everyone is there cheering for you. Then when riding safe but fast on technical Proloque and still take the win.

You know when you can sprint better than the others so you just pass and celebrate a bit before the line while everyone is chasing you?

You know when racing against the fastest time trialcyclists in the world but you decided to win the World Championships this year and need the great feeling?

You know when you missed the last sprint but knew you got it this time?

You know when you’re the favorite, leading the World Tour, but still go in the breakaway with the GC leader just because you know it’s your day?


Interesting racing, but missing the live stream this years Boels Ladies Tour. UCI haven’t shared today’s video yet so just a picture of the finish. 6th and last stage tomorrow. Annemiek van Vleuten is leading ahead of Anna van der Breggen and that seems pretty set but it’s a long hilly stage tomorrow. Hoping for van Vleuten to take the overall, but can Niewiadoma win tomorrow, find the spring shape again 🙂

World Championship Women ITT

ITT – Individual Time Trial

Went yesterday and what a race. I was hoping a bit for Ellen Van Dijk after last years bad luck with a lot of rain when she rode compared to dry when Lisa Brennauer rode. She sits perfect on her Shiv but didn’t have the power or cornering to win yesterday.

Instead we can all rise and say: GRATULERER LINDA! (means congratulations in danish) to Linda Villumsen, the former dane that moved to New Zealand and probably impressed everyone yesterday. I know she’s good but that good? She was in the lead compared to Kristin Armstrong who was in the hot seat all day but the commentators thought she would fade, like the others who had been in front of Armstrong in the beginning. But the distance grew to halfway point and then she kept it steady.

That’s how a Time Trial should be ridden, go out hard and keep the tempo all the way. Perfectly ridden and such a worthy winner 😀

Next impressing rider is the 2nd rider, Anna van der Breggen! Is she so good on time trial? I think she liked the turns of this course and got the best motivation she can get for the Olympics in Rio next year which she aims at. Only 2 seconds behind Villumsen.

3rd was last years winner Lisa Brennauer that did a solid race and took some time on the last of the two laps.

All the results here: Pro Cycling Stats

Bioracer+Specialized=World Champion!!

Last year Ellen van Dijk won the ITT World Championships. She rode a Specialized Shiv with her national time trial suit from Bioracer. She was the favorite this year too and even when she shifted team from Specialized-Lululemon to Boels-Dolmans she brought Specialized with her. This year she started last and was never in front of Solovey or Brennauer and she got a lot of rain in the end, ended with over a minute back and just a top 10 place.

I’m not so interested in Time Trial so didn’t have so much information who was going to win today or do well. Impressed by Evelyn Stevens from USA who got 3rd:


And then Anna Solovey from Ukraine on a Giant Trinity which is a really great Time Trialbike, not the easiest to work on but is a good compromise with aero and easy to work on:


And then we know from the World Championships last year. Ellen van Dijk and Tony Martin both one with the same bike model and suit. And Lisa Brennauer is from Germany so knows that germans can ride fast 😉 Winner and new World Champ Lisa Brennauer:


So will Tony Martin loose tomorrow and someone else with same kit win? Or will he defend the jersey? And how good will Reidar Borgersen do it?