Soon it’s time again


Riding a bike and eating icecream, can it be better? Or riding a hole day with mountains, fjords and great weather:


Or the first ride on mtb for the season:


Or doing a small race with friends and end with a super ride on new tracks afterwards:


Sometimes it can be good suffering up a long climb too with company that got a lot of more power than you:


Looking forward to the spring and summer 😀

The bike that changed my life, Liteville 301 history

Thought of writing a list about 2014 but this is so much more interesting and a bit history.

4th november 2012:

Only used hardtails and Cannondale Scalpel and just XC except a test of a boring Lapierre Zesty. But the 4th november 2014 I borrowed my good friend John’s Liteville 301:

130mm travel rear, 100-140mm in front. 27,5″ and 5 years old. It was super fun and a great bike.

19th april 2013:

Bought John’s frameset for a nice price.

30th july 2013:

Like a true weightweenie I built it light, 10,04kg trailbike:

Didn’t work all perfect so changed some parts after a while and tuned the bike more right.

29th september 2013:

Joined CK Henie for their club championship race and ended 4th, best fs and best 27,5″. Making same times as with a Cannondale Flash Ultimate 29″. My Liteville was fast:

5th november 2013:

Ended at 10,9kg with 150mm fork, Rock Shox Reverb seatpost and a bit other parts:

19th january 2014:

Was some guys from CK Henie that built the best singletrack I’ve ever ridden downhill. Joined them for a training and KOM hunting. Great time:

Then I moved to Tønsberg, sold my Liteville and Scalpel and got a Trek Remedy 9 27,5″:

31st august 2014:

The Remedy had a bit modern frame and geometry but was never as fast as the Liteville, not as snappy.

The Remedy is sold, I’m working at a Specialized Concept Store but can never stop thinking of Liteville 301. Like their Marathon model they presented at Eurobike and is available to buy for 4850€ now.

It’s not in carbon, it’s not the lightest, not cheap, not same wheelsize (29″ front, 27,5″ rear), not a cool brand worth extra, not oversize pressfit bottom bracket. It’s just good. That’s the most important thing that many people misses and just get’s the coolest, best brand, best parts without knowing how it rides. Like saying 29er wheels are too big until you tried a Specialized Enduro 29er.

I wrote a long post about this bike, it always have a place in my heart and it will always be in my mind getting a new bike. Thinking outside the box and really getting the bike that feels right.

Bike of the year

There are some bikes that are better than others. Liteville 301 for example, really understated bike. Or when I first saw the spec on Cannondale Trigger Team 27,5″, superbike but when I tried it a little inside a store it just felt wront (tried a cheaper version).

A bike that has been fun is my Trek Remedy 27,5″. Until I was in Kristiansand and tried 2015 model of Trek Remedy 9 29″, felt so much better 😦 Rolled fast over everything, climbed better than a goat and descended like you want an endurobike should do, so great in every way and a spec that is all trhough good.

Never ridden a better Full suspension bike, but used better tires 😉

So a 2015 bike is bike of the year 2014? Yes, it came this year 😉

Reason why I came up with this post is the bike that made me hate and laugh today. Specialized Diverge Expert Carbon. Gravel racers, space for big tires (comes with 30mm), space for fenders (took some time to mount the first set) disc brakes, carbon frame, Shimano Ultegra. Had 2-3 people coming in to the store I’m working in today and looking for a bike, thought of the CX Crux but when saying what they should use it for it always ended with a Diverge 😉 Some would say it’s a commuter, some would say a rainbike, some would say a high end road winderbike. No matter what you say it’s the bike:

new fork: DT XMM OPM 140 27,5″

Knowing you’re riding around with a fork at 2000g is a hard just that. A lot of weight that should go up climbs.

So I got a new fork, a DT XMM OPM 140mm and saved 464g 😀

But a heavier QR as my Tune DC15 (35g) only works for Fox forks (for sale if you want to buy it)

the fork got a lock-out that almost locks the fork completely out and a rebound adjustment on top. Pretty simple but felt nice. So no my bike is down under 11,3kg. Wheelset next.

Will be lighter than my old Liteville was after I changed wheelset too. Even when the frame is almost 400g heavier. Link to the Liteville here: Liteville 301 by cerrol

first mtb ride in Tønsberg

or outside Tønsberg on a hill. Rode the 33min there and ended with great view, great weather and good people:



Rode around this hill, down 3 times and so on. Joachim and Peder also tried a drop (Joachim 2) some times. Great afternoon in the sun and my Liteville 301 really works awesome. The Magura TS8 fork swallows everything and makes me go bigger and steeper 😀

If someone want to see where I rode: Movescount