Le Peloton #151 and a small race

It all started with a happy moment:


My plan was to do the shortest loop on my mtb just as a spin and for the breakfast. Ruined in the first climb where my Epic felt pretty fast. Tried to hang on Christian when he passed me on the next flat section a short while. Changed plan to ride fast uphill and ”easy” downhill. After turning in Erstavik it felt pretty good so changed my mind once again and tried to ride as fast as I could and maybe even get the KOM. Was fun but hard and when reaching Sickla at 6.50 it felt great. I thought the KOM was around 48min and we started a bit after 6. The bad thing was that Christian had the KOM at 44min…

Celebrated my 2nd place with breakfast at Le Mond:


After a productive day at work with both good and bad things it was time again. Got away a bit later than I hoped as it was a lot of customers in the end but rode to Årsta for a training race.


29 cyclists on a short intense course. 5 or 8 laps depending on which class, I did 8. Was a real tight course without any rest and always had to have your mind focusing. Did a couple of mistakes but except that it went pretty ok even thou I wanted to be a bit faster 😉 Fun to race on my Epic and get the season going. Me and my faster clubmate Magnus after the race:


And results:


Happy people arrange these small events. 🙂 Well done!

Map and stats: Le Peloton and race in Årsta

Skoda Cycling Team gathering

Today it all started. Met the team at Bosön and got some cool clothes and equipment. Got to listen to some smart people like Mattias Reck:


And got to know some cool people. 15 ambassadors and 15 ”random” cyclists that all should ride together around Swedens 2nd biggest lake in less than 8h. I am really liking the pro style of it all. Like the Sport director of Joker-Icopal, Gino, just takes for granted that everyone will do their part proper. Like a leader should. And Skoda gives us the right conditions for it 🙂

How I looked last year on Vättern:


How I will look this year with helmet and glasses from POC and Skoda design on the Verge clothes instead of She Rides:


Of course with matching laces for my socks 😀


It will be awesome 😀

Christine Majerus


The women who got me thinking about Oakley Radar EV.


Christine Majerus may be riding for herself on cyclocross but on road she usually helps the other riders in Boels Dolmans. Digging deep to catch a breakaway or setting up Lizzie Deignan in a good position like at last weekends Strade Bianche:

The women behind the star:


She’s a rolemodel for the sport riding with great class and just looking pure race. And when getting her chance she even can outsprint the legend Marianne Vos:



Le Peloton #135

New week, new Peloton ride, old people 😉


I managed to hang on to Ektorp for the first time and after that it was Michael, Nils, Christian and me left. Sat a new goal to hang on to Hellas and I did that too. In Storkällan Michael (who did a lot of work) and me got dropped. Got together and back in Älta I managed to bridge up again but not Michael. Manage to hold Nils and Christians wheel all the way to Enskede and just had to drop on the last uphill before the sprint 🙂

Easier gears and higher cadence was the key factor I think, now just to train the body to continue even when the heart rate peaks.

A great fun breakfast and all this was a happy memory:


Then the sun came and the day got beautiful


Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #134

A late post about yesterdays ride.


Last week it was Emil and Nils who set the tempo, yesterday it was Michael and Emil. Was able to hold their wheel to Ektorp once again… At the next redlight Fredrik came up to me and we rode together the last part with Älta Shortcut. Think I need to do some sprints to push the speedlimit a bit as I lack speed.

Funny thing was that at the finish in Enskededalen Emil, Michael and Christian got up to us and in Hammarbyhöjden we caught Jesper (?) too. First time all who started from Urban Deli rides to Le Mond together 😀 A proper Peloton with great shortcutting 😉

Now I hope to keep a wheel longer tomorrow and not be dropped.

Cafériding to find the apples

When you are a group of cyclists that isn’t too many or too few and everyone are on the same level. Then riding in the sun can be awesome. And it was today, everyone wasn’t all at the same level but almost and same enough to have fun 😀

7 riders gathered at Cykelcafé Le Mond this morning and we left for Färingsö and the famous Äppelfabriken (applefactory) to have a nice fika. Emil had found a route and we almost followed it

Emil had written that the pace would be around 30km/h. It was much over when we came out on the nice small roads. And my Tarmac felt like flying, was really nice to push hard sometimes and see the speed over 45km/h on the flat parts. 🙂 This with Live Strava Segments on my Garmin 520 maybe had it’s role too, who wants to loose 😉

Then we had fika:

Café du Cycliste clothes and fika is a perfect combo. No matter if you eat pie or ”proper” food you still looks slim :p Or something like that.

Then we pushed on towards Stockholm. Did the classic lap around FRA and I had a plan. I maybe wouldn’t win the sprint but I would get tired so when we had rode away and turned around I went up in front and pushed all I had. Really good training for me and was really hard when I went in 48km/h with over 180 in heart rate and the road went up a bit. Had to slow down and let the others pass. But gave it all and tried to go around again and sprint. My worst spring ever! 190 in heart rate and like 49km/h when I rised and was supposed to sprint past Peter but my legs were empty and I just sat down again with a laugh about it :p

Rode past the castle which I tried to take a picture of, got a bus instead 😉


Awesome day on my awesome Tarmac. A great way to celebrate the National Day of Sweden 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Picture from the bridge on almost the hole group by Jimmie and Emil took the picture of me eating pie.

Le Peloton #74

Same year as Specialized was established. But today it was the day of tubulars. Changed wheels and dismounted the fenders on my Diverge for today’s Le Peloton CX ride.


Met up with the others:


7 riders today and we were 5 riding together. Dropped 2 and 3 left. Rode almost all the time together except when the fast Jonas (not me) got a gap and a downhillsection and didn’t look back 😉

I may not be as strong as Jonas or Michael but light wheels with low pressure and good rubber makes a great difference in accelerations. The bike feels so much snappier and when dropping back a little to have some space for a turn or when it’s to rough it isn’t a problem to catch back up again 😀 The bike gets so much funnier. Was hard and frozen today, slippery in a couple of places but except that really really good. Thought it should be worse so was a happy guy rolling in at Le Mond for a breakfast 🙂

Fast style of today:


And with sun, so happy to feel it and see it. Even thou it’s still cold.

Map and stats: Strava

Le Snooze Birthday party

I’m feeling really blessed to be able to ride with with so many good friends 🙂 Earlier I did Le Peloton on fridays too but now I have the chance to sleep a bit extra and ride with other shopworkers, a group called Enduromorning and I have called the ride Le Snooze. Today I met Patrik and the Kangas brothers at Hammarbyhill at 7.45 for a Le Peloton CXloop ride in fikatempo. Not all out…

We didn’t go as fast as last Friday, the ground was a bit more wet and stickier than last week. So 1h5min instead of 1h3min. And some fast riding as usual when riding with the young guns that can descend and turn fast.

Back on asphalt we met up with 3 more riders who did ”wrong” and rode mtb.

DSC_0054 DSC_0055

6 Specialized, 1 Kona 😉 As Oliwer had birthday we celebrated at the best café in Hammarby Sjöstad, Vivels 😀


Not doing so much advertisement for other shops 😉

Map and stats: Strava

Ending with a picture of todays outfit 😉 Thought my thin longsleeve jersey from Café du Cycliste should be to cold today but it was perfect, love the windproof front and merino wool 🙂