What it’s all about


Cycling can be so many things. Some are trying to win Tour de France, some are saving the environment by commuting, some are loosing weight, some like to discover the unknown, some wants to see how fast they can ride, some want to win a local race, some just want to spend time with their friends, some wants to teach others how to ride.

No matter if you’re riding 3km to the train or winning World Cups like Nino Schurter it should be fun. You should enjoy the riding or you should stop riding….

Pro’s usually got a big break from cycling in the autumn, maybe even a week or two in the middle of the season. A break to keep the motivation on top and be able to perform. We usuals aren’t that good on thinking of the breaks, or having a mental coach understanding how we work and what we need.


Now when it’s 2 weeks left until the biggest ”race” in Sweden, Vätternrundan. Not even a race but many people train seriously to beat a certain time riding with a fast group of people. If you mention for a non cyclist in Sweden that you ride a bike the first question would be: Have you done Vätternrundan?. In Sweden it’s the biggest event and for non cyclists it can even be bigger than World Championships or Tour de France.

It’s easy to get stressed about shape, group, time and what if you don’t make it… Some people even quit cycling after Vätternrundan and some hangs the bike up on the wall and not riding for the best period of the year (summer).

It’s so sad. I think it’s really sad with people getting fed up by cycling and quits, people that lost the joy and what it all was about in the beginning.

You may think that I never rest and never gets tired of cycling both working with it, have friends who ride a lot and riding a lot on my spare time. But my biggest fear is getting fed up and stop. I’m getting better on resting and as I said to a friend today. I’m riding so much it doesn’t matter if I miss a ride to do something else fun. The Skoda team with riding Vättern under 8h gives me a bit of pressure even when people say I would make it. It could be the end if I took it too serious but I try to keep it fun. I try to enjoy riding fast with my awesome teammates and aiming for everyone to have a fun time 🙂

If you’re tired, then rest. If you feel like going fast, then go fast. Don’t think too square, everyone are different and needs different things to work as a cyclist.

Take care and ride because it’s fun, don’t think anyone reading this blog have to ride their bike to survive. And the summer is perfect for riding 😀


No day is as yesterday, or tomorrow. Like every ride is different, there are always good and bad things.

The good things today was friends, weather, coffee and the route.

The bad things was my legs

Instead of riding Morningspins with 7 riders from Sumo Cycling starting with a slow lap that ended fast, a fast lap where I was dropped way too early but got to ride with Ingrid and a 3rd Instalap which ended after I chased back to the group managed to win the sprint. Instead of that I share some awesome pictures me and mostly Rille took today:

Map and stats: Strava

MTB in Canada

I’m not a DHguy so won’t write about that. I’m a XCguy having found more travel but still want to sprint and go fast uphill.

While I was in Canada last week I rode an afternoon alone testing a Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt I always thought would be good. The 710 I tried had really bad components but the geometry and feel of the bike was as great as I hoped for 😀


The 2nd and 3rd day I rode mostly with Susan and Annica and changed bike for Devinci’s AM model Django at RS level. Pike and Sram 1×11 made the bike work so much better but I never became friend with geometry, the head angle felt too steep but it wasn’t:


But the trails, they where magic. Not too steep uphill and not too scary downhill. Best biking I’ve ever had, there is something when you riding fast and laughing on a mtb that makes life a bit better than sitting on another type of bike. Finding the flow and just keep on pushing, to be on over 1000m with gorgeous views helped too. Moonraker and Mountain Shadow Trails in Golden, BC isn’t the biggest systems but for some days it was perfect. Instead of writing a superlong post about how I rode I show you the pictures, press to make them bigger:


I really like to start the day with a bikeride. Going out with less traffic, fresher air and get my lungs inside out with great views. Rode in to the big city life and Djurgårdsbridge and met 11 others like this:


Shaking hands, introducing themselfs and talking about the latest stash. The difference with this ride is the Void/Rapha/Café du Cycliste style of riders. Riders who have cooler socks than on a fashion show. Sure, they look like cyclists but not racers.

But they are 😀

Nice and fast race around Djurgården. First lap I got dropped just after the middle after being a very short turn in the front. 2nd and 3rd lap went better but was never with the group until the ”finishline”.

Awesome training, like long hard natural intervals.

Map and stats: Strava

There is a Swedish saying to ”ride hard, fika harder”. Fika is Swedish for a coffee and cake (or some other small food). The word and thing every Swedish cyclist brag about and should work for to spread all over the world 😉


Then back to different jobs and places with some motorpacing with a Vespa:


Maybe I will be fast someday too riding with those people. Maybe I will be cool too. At least I aim to always enjoy cycling in a comfortable stylish way



She Rides to Drömkåken

Christ went to Heaven, we went to Drömkåken. Thank God for life.

Free day from work means cycling and when it’s great summer weather in early May it had to be a long one. Plan was to ride to Drömkåken with some She Rides Ambassadors and it all started at a museum:


Met up with Ann-Sofie and headed north to meet up the rest. Met up Pia who was today’s awesome guide. Magic roads and great speed, great group. Met up with Noor and her friends at Vikskolan and then the adventure started after 40km:

After a little more than 60km more we came to Drömkåken where I was more focused on coffee and cake than on pictures.


Only picture, of my awesome Specialized S-Works Sub6 shoes and Gelatosocks that really suits me.

There I also met a couple of friends, but just the best looking of them (sorry Håkan) on picture:


Linda rode with Stockholm City Triathletes and rode a shorter route before they continued to Uppsala.

We rode south towards home instead 😉 With a stop where our group got split into two



Great to ride with Noor again. So different but so matchy today with Evade helmets, Jawbreaker glasses, She Rides clothes and Specialized Tarmac bikes 😉

3 left going on a super road, small roads that goes a little up and down in the middle of nowhere is so nice to ride on.


Left Pia in Täby and me and Ann-Sofie rode back to Stockholm again, a long day in the saddle (a good saddle) but with soft tempo so after I got left alone and crossed the central Stockholm I rode some more bridges to come up to 200km 😉 The stats you know. Stats here: Strava

And ending with a idolpicture you can print and put up on your wall. If you meet me I can sign it for you 😉


RAAS – The race of your dreams

also called Race Across Skåne was a groupride in Malmö yesterday. Been in Denmark doing like this

before I got to Malmö and Patch who I was staying at. Together with the fast Swede with an Allez in the cool colours. David Klasson. Joined by Claes and Colin we had a great weekend. Malmö is a fantastic city and very cheap to eat 😉

On saturday it was time for the race and check in at Musette:

The Allezen ready to race:

Around 100 riders divided in 2 groups. 1 Ride group rode at 8 at a bit slower pace. And then the Race group at 9 with a ”master” start:

Rode with the first small group after the master for like 40min before I got dropped. Was a bit too fast for me as we should ride 191km. Took it a bit easy and waited for the group behind with another guy. Joined them and rode with them the rest. When we saw Östersjön on the other side of Skåne the attacks came. Went fast and was really funny. 2 guys for the Jönköping club that splitted our group. The took a group picture in Kivik at the lunch stop (had to stop for 1h):

Great weather and people:

back to Malmö it was a bit slow in the end before we got the group work together again and with a bit of headwind. But beautiful roads. After last (3rd) stop in Blentarp we passed the Ride group and I sat the pace up the long asphalt and gravel climb. Can’t help it but riding on gravel is so fun, love it 😀 Didn’t got the same good pace in our group afterwards but it worked okey beeing able to go around in 40km/h when it was 20km to go.

Never ridden so fast for so long before, was hard but not to hard and never had any energy dip so everything just worked 🙂 And it was fun

Back at Musette:

Did I mention that the weather was perfect? And while not beeing in the first group, or in a breakaway from it I got a picture of the winner with his bike. David Klasson is a great winner:

The guy sitting in blue, white and red behind won the sprint in our group.

Map and stats: Strava

And ending with the couple making Stockholm worth riding in showing Ten Speed Hero style:

for more pictures check the hashtag #raas2015 on Insta.

I didn’t seem to stick on any good pictures. The only guy riding Café du Cycliste.

Recovery from yesterday

Last day with sun this week and it was announced an easy ride to take a bath outside Gustavsberg or on Ingarö. Thought that is nice to be outside, want to be better on beachlife. Sit on wheels and get around just so no hard riding 🙂

Started at bikecafé Le Mond with the weeks best espresso and a fresh orange juice:

Then we where 6 riders who left for a bath. Before Gustavsberg Peter (who turned around in Gustavsberg) decided we should ride to Ingarö. And so we did. Rocks is better than sand.

Didn’t sit so much on wheel today but thought I rode pretty easy. Felt good while not pushing to hard 🙂

And at the end of Ingarö we where:

With small clothes on us 😉

Had a fika too of course. But the ”sea” was a bit cold. On the way back we talked about that the announced average speed should have been 27-28km/h but it was over 30 😉 Rode the almost closest way back and felt like a really good day. 🙂 Others thought I was pro today too as I swapped a bottle for a towel on my bike, great place 🙂 This picture by Ena:


Took a little longer way on my way home so I got 100km 😉 Exactly the same average speed as yesterday, a bit funny. 30,05km/h on Movescount.

Map and stats: Strava

Now after seeing the end of Tour de France and looked at Megan Guarnier win todays stage of Giro Rosa I will look at the replays from the XCO World Cup in Lenzerheide. Great with that possibility so I don’t have to be home when the sun is out 😀