new Time pedals :D Xpresso 8

Had 2 pair of Time RXS before that was perfect and working just like they should and looking just like they should. Have read some crap about the first iClic and the 2nd generation wasn’t that light. But now, Time did it again. Reinvented the pedal but with same cleats as iClic and with same system. They did it lighter, even lighter than Speedplay Zero Titanium 😉 and called it Xpresso. The Xpresso 12 is 155g. I bought the second lightest, 8 to save much many and still get a light pedal, announced 195g, was 198:

And got them in a nice box. Double size as a Speedplay but so much more right if you ask me. Saving 36g from Time RXS Carbon makes my bike going closer to 6kg, now at 6013g 😀

Cleats 79g, good but nothing special. Made with a ”cleat” in the middle that seems to make them last longer than Look and Shimano cleats but this new ones are in some plastic so not sure about lifetime on these.