cyclingfriends for the win

This long weekend I’m having a guest, that I heard is famous on Instagram, visiting me and riding with. To have friends is important and it’s important to help and cheer for friends. 🙂

Yesterday me and Camilla rode out to Färingsö and met up with another friend to have a coffee and cake at his home:

A bit of rain on the way there and a lot of headwind. The tailwind on the way back was much better even if both me and Camilla was a bit heavier (good cake) 😉

Made another coffee stop at Cykelcafé Le Mond and Bonne Mecanique to show Camilla the treasures in Stockholm.

Map and stats: Movescount

Today Camilla rode a lot while I was working. But after work I went out with Patrik, Jaime and Jessica for a fun mtb ride. Patrik M showed what it does to rest in shape, he was flying with his Enduro (with the lightest tires). After not so long on a downhill Jaime went fast managed a jump without landing, I bottomed out my fork as I landed on it but continued. Jessica didn’t, she bottomed out her Era and landed on her face 😦 Brused but pretty okey and the ground was ”soft” she and Jaime rode home while me and Patrik continued. Jessica wanted us the manage a tricky little climb and film it. The video with Patrik making it is on my Instagram while the video of me doing it is still just on Patrik’s phone. Happy to manage it and always fun to ride with guys that has good technical skills 🙂 Had a hard time catching up but great training in great conditions 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount