Le Peloton #76


Ingvar was lifting my bike today and complained on his Ridley. It’s funnier to ride a fun bike 😉 Many asks how I can wake up so early and start riding 5.30 2 days a week. It’s the people and my thoughts about intervall training that makes the effort seem reasonable 🙂

Today we where together in the beginning and then it split up, me behind Emil’s wheel in front to Flaten. I was up helping a little but mostly just tried to hang on his wheel. Until his freewheel broke in Flaten and he had to take a taxi home. Salt and winter is hard for both the cyclist and the bike…

Stopped and talked with Emil before Claes came and me and Claes rode the last part together. Not got the best total time but good training and I still regretting that I got 25mm high carbon rims instead of 45mm. Aero is Everything, Marginal gains and all of that.

Map and stats: Strava

And yesterday I decided after talking to Oakley about 2016. Since Jawbreaker came and I tested them with the Prizm Road lens I have wanted a pair. But I wanted something special, wanted something to at least look as cool as Kwiatkowski. But they are expensive and I never decided until yesterday when I heard that no cool (according to me) new colours would come in 2016 and that the Oakley Custom wasn’t as cheap as regular. So here we go, Oakley Jawbreaker in Uranium with Prizm Road 😀


Specialized, Café du Cycliste and Oakley is great combo. Cool but classic stylish. Modern meets old school.

2016 Fashion

No matter if I sit on my bike or being a regular person I want to look good. I follow the fashion of Filippa K and Eton regularly and I would never go out in a onepiece or training clothes when meeting friends. Like more to have a nice shirt on than a t-shirt. So when reading papers like Metro publishing what’s hot and not from the Swedish Fashion Week I read and consider it.

With brands like Café du Cycliste, Rapha, Isadore or Pas Normal Studios it’s now possible to look stylish on a bike too. Did and order from Café du Cycliste and thought of buying their new limited Claudette jersey:


but sold out in my size so had to rethink.

The think according to Metro to get this spring is a thin classic bomber jacket, they didn’t say anything about shaved heads and being rasists so you can be cool. Café du Cycliste is in time and launched a new jersey called Francoise. bomber style:


Will be a good looking spring 🙂

If you also want to be stylish on (and off) the bike you can use this code to get 10% discount: AMBLUN10 Used when checking out on Café du Cycliste

a shorter Sunday ride

The biggest miss for me today have to be that I rode 230m (!) shorter than yesterday.

Left home this morning to ride with Rejlers/Sthlm CK on Ekerö as a change for yesterday. Not as good weather with a bit more snow, more wind and without sun, but with more people like this picture Rille took shows:


Rode out towards Ekerö and had a short stop in the beginning to pump some tires:

dan and the pump

Then we rode wet asphalt roads and snowy cycling paths. Really wet on the asphalt and not so many with good fenders today so got a bit cold and wet, tried to stay away from it as good as I could.

After all as good as a sunday ride could be this sunday, great people 🙂 Back on the way home in a steep climb I tried to change to the small ring in front but my derailleur was frozen, first time it happens and it is impressive how good my rear derailleur worked today as my bike collects a lot of snow with the tight fenders. Kudos to my Diverge 😉

Map and stats: Strava