Was a lot of throwback Thursday pictures on Instagram today and I checked my archive too, there are so many good moments to remember 🙂


From my first long ride the 1st May 2012. 200km going over mountain and along the Hardanger fjord back to Bergen in Norway. Was a magical day and the ride I will always remember. The start.






Looking forward for an even better 2016 😀 Aiming to be as good so I can eat more ice cream when we stop and be able to enjoy both sun and rain (we can all hope)

Ice creamride to Mariefred with Le Mond

The summer is here and is there anything better than have a long day planned outside in the sun then? Started at 10 at bikecafé Le Mond with and ice cream and coffee and met up with todays riders going to Mariefred. Social cycling in the sun and then the ferry back with dinner 🙂

Rode down to Skanssundet and got a 2nd ice cream 🙂 Continued to the best riding part of the day. Gravel in awesome condition and a long one 🙂 Me and Patch felt like we where in heaven and had to give some extra gas 😀

To Mariefred for the days 3rd ice cream and checking the lake temperature 🙂

Super day on the bike with great people. A fun thing is that of us who rode the long way it was more women then men 😉 Map and stats of the riding: Movescount

And here is pictures from me, Sandra, Jimmie, Kalle and Emil:

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