Why shave weight of your bike?

If you wonder why to shave weight of your bike, there is a great article about it here: Peloton

A light and stiff bike with great fit will always be fast, like my Cannondale SuperSIX Evo I had at just 5,65kg:

Which light bike is the best you’ve ridden?

BMX in Oslo or a lighter seatpost?

Starting with a BMX video, Oslo Calling:

And then I have mounted my Engage seatpost, or first I cut 9cm of it 🙂

From the 283g original to this 129g, pretty good weightsaving 🙂

Now just to get a good Body Geometry fit on it and maybe try it for real outside before the spring 🙂 6,34kg will be awesome. Maybe am changing for a little heavier wheelset and a pair of Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm tires, we’ll see when the spring comes.

2nd last ride

After rebuilding my SuperX for the road a bit yesterday it was time to ride today. With Jon Even and Pål on real roadbikes. 2-3h and came home after 3h7min, last time I rode for so long was the 20th september, over a month ago.

So a sunny ride today on some dry and some wet roads. Thought of taking a picture riding but my gloves didn’t work on my phone today so no pictures while riding. Rode to Andebu and around Sandefjord easy said and like usual riding in Vestfold I ride on new roads 🙂 Feels like it is enormous amount of small roads around here and thanks to Pål I had a hard time sometimes too 😉 Great training, good people and the only two bad things was that my front chainring didn’t want to keep the chain when riding on the two smallest sprockets on the way from Sandefjord so rode a bit slower. And somewhere in Sandefjord I rode over a piece of glass that cut through my silk front tire 😦 Just small so stopped and pumped once and then it was fine for riding home.

Here is a picture of my do-it-all bike:

And if you want to see where we rode and how fast you can see it here: Movescount

back on the bike

Didn’t feel so good last week and this easter weekend I’ve got my mum and sister her visiting so no biking. But glued my sparewheel yesterday and today afternoon it was time to try riding my roadbike again. Even got clothes that said Madone to make it easier:


Super weather to so first ride in without arm- and legwarmers and first roadride with my white Sidishoes 🙂 Nicely matched with a pair of high white Kalas socks 🙂

Rode up north towards Åsgårdstrand and looked at the sea:


But not so easy as it looks, feels like I’ve never can ride easy alone. With my old Giro Ionos helmet after my Mavic helmet cracked:


In Åsgårdstrand there is a a ”climb” that starts with 10% but flattens out and the hole 1,7km climb is just 4% but hard enough for me and as I ridden there before I had to push a bit more to get new personal record. And I did, with 184 in average heart rate 😉 Still a lot to do get to the top but nice climb to test the legs in. Rode a bit further into the countryside and found a nice long flat (a bit down maybe) section and felt good riding over 40km/h alone with bad legs 🙂 Easier after I’ve passed the high way again and down to Sem. From Sem back to Tønsberg there is a around 3,5km total flat and straight road. Have to cross a road and make some small turns in the middle and over a bridge but like 15 altitude meters total. Tried to press hard and get some pace on that road instead of just whining about the wind and see how boring the road is.

Tired back to Tønsberg but felt nice to ride in the sun and be back on the bike. Made some small saddle adjustments in the beginning to and have to move the cleat on my left shoe a bit. Seat position is hard but feels really important

Map and stats: Movescount

my first road crash and broken dreamwheel :(

Was supposed to ride 2-3h on my Trek Madone today with some guys from CK Jarlsberg. Came about 10min until a car stopped at the wrong place and the guy in front of me braked fast as it wasn’t so much space on the side. I came after and didn’t have a chance so hit my front wheel in his crank and landed on my head.


Spitted a little blood, cracked my helmet and the worst, broke 2 spokes on my Cosmic Carbone Ultimate front wheel.


First ride on these lovely wheels on my Madone and a car driver ruins it all 😦

Trek Madone 6.2



My roadbike came yesterday to Veloshop so was really looking forward to go/drive to work today. Read about Kammtail with this round front and straight cut of back to be aero without adding material or looking so aero. But didn’t except it that flat. The downtube is huge and the white you see on the picture here is totally flat.

Funny thing is that it doesn’t feel like a topbike from a big brand like Cannondale, Giant, Ridley or like that. It’s got a deep painting, wirestops screwed in, got a premium feel. Would like to compare it to a Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think2. Great wiring like the Dogma, great color. But is it all super?

There is another thing that got me thinking of Pinarello too. The weight. Heard weights at 850g, calculated with 950g for my frame in the second smallest size (50). It wasn’t so close:

IMG_20140228_125611 IMG_20140228_124856


1016g plus like 18g of wiremountings isn’t so close to 850g.

Brakes at 307g just as I’ve seen before:



And 57g headset is great like most bikes today with carbon bearingseats in the frame and on the fork:



Started to dismount the original parts and mounted some much nicer European parts. Campagnolo Super Record, Mavic Cosmic Carbon Ultimate, FMB Competition CX, Tune Komm-Vor+, Tune U20 and a THM Clavicula with Experimental Prototype big chainring. Deda Superleggera handlebar. Borrowed a 110 Bontrager X Lite stem that will be swapped for a super good 120mm stem. The said thing is that I have to get a new seatmast. This is a bit to short compared what it said in the geometry table and doesn’t work with my carbon rails on the Tune seat.

So for now it looks like this with 3-3,5cm to low saddle, 1cm to short stem, too long wire, wrong tire front, to long fork and so on:

IMG_20140228_165047 IMG_20140228_165306 IMG_20140228_165327


Arundel Mandible bottle cages and it will get a set of Time Xpresso 8 pedals next week.

What do you think?

FMB Compétition CX 22,5 Soie

There are tires and then there are tires. Some tires roll very good like Continental GP4000SR, some hold up good and are light like Tufo S3 Lite, some are holy from the Netherlands like A. Dugast, some are just good like Schwalbe Ultremo. But then there is tires that makes you drool, that gives you the extra smile going on bad tarmac, the ones that you dream about, the ones you tried and hated because you loved them and know they are so expensive.

The handmade french FMB. Small even compared to A. Dugast but with tires won Paris-Roubaix and Ronde van Vlaanderen more then one time. Helped Katie Compton win the CX World Cup two years in a row.

On road they are great, on CX they are a bit heavy and fragile so better with Challenge. On mtb they are a bit behind the others with heavy tires. So not best on everything. But their Compétition CX tires are awesome. Used them before and got one in silk (soie is french for silk) this summer after puncturing my Continental Competition tire. Now I got one more 😀 My roadbike for 2014 will not just look extremely good and be pretty light, it will also perform better than the rider (me) 😉


5,65kg SuperSIX EVO



Last time it was together it was supposed to be 5906g. Now it was suppose to be 5,623g so 27g overweight 😉 But feels okey as it’s 80g lighter than my Cannondale Caad10 was 😉 90g lighter with 20mm higher rims, 2 more gears, heavier fork, setback seatpost and better tires that gains some.

My caad10 then:

And with weight: Light and heavy

Today it has the same seat and QR, Tune Komm-Vor+ and Tune U20. And on both bikes Deda Perforated bar tape. This is how the EVO looks:


Lightest bike I’ve owned 🙂