Enduro in Kongsberg

Lesson from today: Got to train my brakingfingers 😉

I was in Kongsberg today and rode with a couple of friends. One on a Slash 7, one on a Remedy 9 29 and me on a Remedy 9 27. Trek ride 😉

Rode for 1h25min up to this:

548 altitude meters and here it is a bit over 700m over sea level.

Then we rode down, some tricky sections and some really fun ones 😀 Good use of the damping there. Ended at a place like this so we were not all the way down:

Super trails and good training with 3h45min effective time 😀

Map and stats: Movescount

Exploring the Singletrackisland of Vestfold

Was out riding with 3 nice guys before work today. Perfect temperature at 7 o clock 🙂 Some new and some old nice singletracks on Nøtterøy

10403284_559559300832764_2340644651352893285_n 10491163_559559284166099_98325531764268106_n


Biggest fail of today was that I rode without gloves. Went great last week and yesterday. But today on tight singletracks with trees on the side I really missed my gloves, got a scar after a tree hit my hand, or how it was 😉 750mm handlebar isn’t always best, but mostly. The Tune Türnstange is really stiff compared to what I expected, worth every penny.

A group picture, all taken by Truls:



Map and stats: Movescount

Last mtb ride for a while I think as I leave Norway for France on friday and working at Tour de Alsace

still got a mtb, and using it :D

Starting to train a bit more now as the CX season soon starts 🙂 Or just because it’s sunny awesome summer in Norway and I got 5 bikes at home. Today a friend announced a ride on Facebook and as I didn’t have anything proper to do I joined him. First mtb ride since tuesday last week. Got showed some really nice trails with super view:

With me with Tønsberg behind:

Just after this Tom punctured and me pump wasn’t so good so steered our bikes towards his home to pump it up proper. After that we rode some in the Esso forest before going back against Tønsberg on some nice trails. Great ride

Map and stats: Movescount


858867_673896015963059_730058190_o 906118_673896522629675_19924294_o



A couple of pictures from the race in Svelvik last saturday. And you can see on the first picture how much I liked the course there 😉

A much nicer thing is this:

A friend is selling a set of really light and most beautiful roadbike brakes ever produced (except the ones tuned by A2J). THM Fibula.

You can buy them for yourself or you could sponsor me a bit so I can buy them. Up to you, Add is here: Weightweenies

Same guy is also selling a matching crankset, THM Clavicula

my first 29er mtbride

Have a nice friend with a nice bike you borrowed to me. A tuned Rocky Mountain Vertex 950RSL. And after rain comes sunshine so after the rain ended and my working day ended I went out to test it. Rode up at Krohnegården for 3 laps and really felt the difference. It rolls much better, as the danish also know today, and it felt pretty fast to. Just to push and hold on to the handlebar. Thought it should feel slower and bigger but maybe Rocky Mountain fixed the geometry in a good way because the rear felt like normal. The front was maybe a bit high for me but came around corners I had problems with my 26″ Scalpel, felt strange. But the middle corners I felt the difference, it was more to move, both in weight, size and head angle.

The funniest was that it was fun to play around with in the deep tracks up Krohnegården. A lot of rain made it slippery and muddy grass. Slippery as other bikes with Schwalbe Racing Ralph but felt I still had the control with the low head tube and wide (700mm Truvativ Noir T30) handlebar. Some tracks looked like this:


And tried my new helmet today so all black and yellow with Assos and Mavic 🙂


Great training even if it was a bit to wet for my taste. Think I only ridden at Krohnegården in dry conditions one or two times.

Back home a couple of photos on the bike for you, single chainring as usual (Rotor Q-Ring 33t)



Great Tune wheels with John’s classy violett hubs, nipples and QR. A colour that is really deep and lovely in real.

Stats and map from today: Movescount

Italian Northwave and French XC Cup

First Marco Aurelio Fontana talking about Northwave and some other cool things:

And then the 3rd race in the French XC Cup, women elite. Great crowds, awesome track (love the contrasts of brown track and green forrest). Think if the national XC cups would be so big here in Scandinavia:

idol pic

Nothing special to blog about what I’ve seen, or maybe because I’m not that much at the computer at the moment to find the nice thing. Meanwhile you get to look at this picture of me racing:

And open for tips, questions or recommendations to blog about. Write it here as a comment or an e-mail to: jonas@cerro.dk

More CX Tønsberg and WC Tabor

Found some results today, got 4th so happy with that. All results here: Tønsberg CK

And a couple of pictures of me:



More pictures from this open class including these two on me: Google+

And some from the Elite and junior races: Procycling

And to end this post with something real cool. Here is some highlights from the Womens race on the World Cup in Tabor earlier today:


Sidi 2013 (Wire and Drako)

Was at a sportsfair with some people from work yesterday. Felt new Dura-Ace 9000, a little more on EPS, Rock Shox Monarch with Xloc. Compared Eggbeater and Candy, saw the lines on a Bianchi Oltre and had a guy talking about a 650b Scott Genius all day.

But nothing is close to the best with the fair. A small stand with some italian shoes. Also had a little Wilier, Wheeler and BH but not so interesting (no BH mtb). But Sidi coming with a new shoe. I like my Ergo 3 Carbon but they are a little to loose in front so have to tighten a couple of times. Then they are perfect. Or was.

Check this Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice:


Two things to turn with very small exact clicks and and fit that no one can be compared too. Never felt a better shoe. And it’s available for mtb too, Drako is the name then:


The sole is a bit lighter but still stiff and a new feature on the mtbshoe. They put a titanplate where the cleats are sitting. So instead of wearing down and ruining your shoe when riding with worn down cleats you can just change that plate. Sidi and spare parts, like Campagnolo that has everything. With the difference that the distributor in Norway is said to have parts in stock too 🙂

I got to have a pair or two for next year 😀