+2hg morning ride

Changed for my Sram XX1 crankset yesterday, upgraded from 34t to 36t and changed the rotors that was worn down to Ashima AiRotor. Gained around 200g so 8,71kg Cannondale Scalpel this morning

Tried to find every singletrack possible in the forrest north from my house. Some nice flat twisty ones and a lot of up or down. The forrest is a hill and there is a lot of tracks up and down. Thought of my friend Leif today as I climbed a technical singletrack, really nice when you climb standing with 36-42 gearing because it’s so step and you got grip and managed all the rocks and things in the way with traction 😀

Thought about a new thing today too. Earlier everyone used Continental Race King Supersonic tire. A big light tire with really thin sidewalls. Then people went for Racesport with better but still papersidewalls or Schwalbe Racing Ralph. My Panaracer Quasi-Moto isn’t as light as those and doesn’t have so thin sidewalls or even paperlike. It got a really soft rubber sidewalls that works really good with low pressure. Like on CX comparing a Tufo tubular with A. Dugast or FMB. Think about that next time you buy tires, feel the difference in the rubber.

Ended the ride (where I paused a bit in the middle) with a ride up to Slottsfjellet which is the most famous place in Tønsberg. A hill with a castle tower in the middle. This is how it looks from there:

IMG_20140318_084900 IMG_20140318_084915 IMG_20140318_084929

and me trying to match my bike 😉



The ride: Movescount

Bergens finest singletrack

Good things: Have ridden the best singletrack in Bergen of them I’ve tried. Dry forest descend made all of us smile 🙂 CK Henie showed us citypeople it today. A video of it here showed in a tempo 3min slower than I rode: Fløyen MTB video

Got 6th best time so not so much to brag about but enjoyed it a lot. The group today except Eirik who took the photo:


More good things was that I managed the Kubakke climb (cowclimb in english), 10min 40sec with 186 in average heart rate and good use of my 42t sprocket 🙂

On top:


Last good thing was that Karl Johan (they guy in red jacket trying to get some BCK colors on the picture) helped me to get back to Bergen city.

Bad things: My shape at the moment and preparation for this ride. Was expecting a pretty soft ride with some friends. Was riding for 3h17min with an average heart rate at 161/82% with no extra energy and just a sip of water in the middle.

Results was that I hit a wall after like 2h30min, a thick one. Never ridden so slow up Birkelundsbakken before and had to concentrate myself to ride straight and have my eyes open down the last part to Bergen city. Aimed fo Kaffemisjonen which is a café for an espresso and muffin or something but to much people. Got to the only food store in Sandviken open on sundays and got some food. sat on a bench outside before riding the last meters home.

Conclusion: My Liteville rules. There is a small satisfaction get home completely empty and look back on a super training with great people. My helmet feels hard banging in the stem/handlebar. It’s fun to see how hard my body can work hard and develop.

Fløyen training

Changed my 36t XX1 chainring from my cyclocross to my Liteville for todays training with Fløyen MTB. Don’t think my heart rate belt was 100% as the heart rate was a bit high today but had me thinking about that it is you can ride mentally looking at numbers. Rode up to Krohnegården and when my clock showed 182 in heart rate I didn’t push more. Looked like this when me and John waited for the others (swedish, 27,5″, 36t and all that):


Did 1,5 lap there on the changed course (put a lot of dirt in the start of a section so unrideable). Leaving Krohnegården Eirik broke his chain and without chaintool he rolled back home. Back in the city John left us complaining on a knee. Went up Fløyen and felt pretty good using 36-32 on the climb. Decided after Skansemyren that I should keep that gear all the way up and here came the heart rate numbers again. After I fought myself around the last turn on the steepest part my clock showed 192 in heart rate. Never been over 194. So rised and pushed on some more, a couple of gears extra and had to sit down a little before I could rise again. Topped 199 in heart rate. 🙂 If my clock had showed like 182 instead of 192 I wouldn’t have stood up and pressed more, than just tried to get up but a record gives motivation to press harder 🙂

On the top Ole left us and me and Mikael thought of going up to Brushytten but changed half way. Rode Fløyen Rock Garden as Mikael never managed the hole before, but did today so all smiles 😉 Wasn’t my day and did a lot of small mistakes, got down 5th best time but not as happy as Mikael. Before going down we took Stand and Deliver and I tried a new line, was pretty good but needs a bit more practice to go faster than on the normal line.

Great training before the CX world Cup in Rome that is today. More about that when the men has raced (starting 15.00). But can say that Marianne Vos can race classy.

2 started, 1 finished

I’m always using Crank Brother pedals and have to rebuild them at least once a year. Works great for me and even when they are falling in pieces it’s possible to rebuild them. My Swedish friend is using XTR that so many love, today when we came up to Skomakardiket he lost a pedal. Or it got loose from the axle=new pedal. Shimano way, no service.

Was a bit tired today so slow up Fløyen and just pedaled up to Rundemann and over the top, looked like this when John turned down home:



Has been raining all week but this afternoon the weather got good again. That’s why we where riding 😉

Up on the top it was a bit chilly but clear air and great view

Then rode straight down and home. So just up, down and home. We’ll see what I will ride tomorrow.

Stats and map here: Movescount

World Enduro Series round 5, Crankworx

Top of the World Trail and the start of the fifth stage of Enduro World Series round 5, Crankworx Canada! A lot more awesome pictures here: Pinkbike

And even if the pictures are like a dream and makes you just to book your next flight to Whistler to also ride those cool trails. They made a great video from the race and advertising Enduro racing in the best way! Cool trails worth beeing in a DHmovie, hard pedaling and still it’s possible for an average mtbrider 🙂

Watch the video here and enjoy: Enduro World Series round 5 video

my first 29er mtbride

Have a nice friend with a nice bike you borrowed to me. A tuned Rocky Mountain Vertex 950RSL. And after rain comes sunshine so after the rain ended and my working day ended I went out to test it. Rode up at Krohnegården for 3 laps and really felt the difference. It rolls much better, as the danish also know today, and it felt pretty fast to. Just to push and hold on to the handlebar. Thought it should feel slower and bigger but maybe Rocky Mountain fixed the geometry in a good way because the rear felt like normal. The front was maybe a bit high for me but came around corners I had problems with my 26″ Scalpel, felt strange. But the middle corners I felt the difference, it was more to move, both in weight, size and head angle.

The funniest was that it was fun to play around with in the deep tracks up Krohnegården. A lot of rain made it slippery and muddy grass. Slippery as other bikes with Schwalbe Racing Ralph but felt I still had the control with the low head tube and wide (700mm Truvativ Noir T30) handlebar. Some tracks looked like this:


And tried my new helmet today so all black and yellow with Assos and Mavic 🙂


Great training even if it was a bit to wet for my taste. Think I only ridden at Krohnegården in dry conditions one or two times.

Back home a couple of photos on the bike for you, single chainring as usual (Rotor Q-Ring 33t)



Great Tune wheels with John’s classy violett hubs, nipples and QR. A colour that is really deep and lovely in real.

Stats and map from today: Movescount