my first road crash and broken dreamwheel :(

Was supposed to ride 2-3h on my Trek Madone today with some guys from CK Jarlsberg. Came about 10min until a car stopped at the wrong place and the guy in front of me braked fast as it wasn’t so much space on the side. I came after and didn’t have a chance so hit my front wheel in his crank and landed on my head.


Spitted a little blood, cracked my helmet and the worst, broke 2 spokes on my Cosmic Carbone Ultimate front wheel.


First ride on these lovely wheels on my Madone and a car driver ruins it all 😦

puncture=change to tubular

Home after work today and stressed around with clothes and things to get out fast and meet some people to ride mtb with. Got my pump and should pump the tires, front one was okey but rear had lost all air and popped in so no chance to get air in it with my SKS Airbase pump 😦


stans on the floor and as I didn’t wash the bike after last ride it had dirt on the sidewalls. 😦 Changed for my Trek with tubulars and went to worlds end. Funny to name a place worlds end or Verdens Ende as it is in Norwegian. Over one island and in the end of next it is, 26,8km from here 😉 Nice ocean view on the last bridge out to Tjøme:

IMG_20140403_184351 IMG_20140403_184356

And the worlds end, looked pretty good. A summer day, riding out, take a swim and an ice cream in the sun 😀

IMG_20140403_191201 IMG_20140403_191232 IMG_20140403_191243 IMG_20140403_191249

Funny thing of today was that my bike started to make serious noises after 10km, thought for a while that the fork was broken as it sounded like carbon problems. Stopped and checked fork/headset and it felt good, held my hand on all wires as the can make noises but nothing changed anything. Then I checked the bottle, there it was. The bottle cage made noises being so close to the down tube. Much more contact area as the inside/back of the down tube is all flat. Will put a spaces between the frame and bottle cage to get it quiet.

Other funny thing is that I stopped adore Rapha so much as before, seems to mainstream and just selling to everyone on their name, nothing special. But anyway I wore a long sleeve jersey, a short sleeve jersey, a pair of pants, a pair of socks, a cycling cap and a musette from Rapha this week 😉 Think I have to change my wardrobe for the new cool brand coming up in next blog post.

Ending with a cycling path on my way back, cycling path all the way today


And stats if you are interested, got to get some speed in my legs. Movescount