Pink and soft, almost like ice cream

And to start my story that made a photographer take this picture of my racing Hallbyrundan in 2009:

Ordered 2 pair of Defeet pink oversocks when in may 2009 when Fredrik Kessiakoff rode well in the Giro. Only one pair came and they came late and where short.

So what has this to do with Gelato?

Last year I saw the coolest cycling socks, Nathalie Schneitter had Gelatosocks, socks with ice cream on the side, high and supercool. But couldn’t get them then, sold out. So when I first saw her posting pictures of the new ones this year I should just have a pair or two. Ordered and today they came, coolest socks of 2014



the love of suffering

Every cyclist likes to ride in the sun with good legs and good friends. But riding when it’s 3-6° C outside, wet, all grey and with bad legs is just another thing. To come to a climb with the lightest gear already and you know it will take more then 10min up, pushing and know you suffer more then the others with lighter gear and better legs.

Then pedal as fast as you can and try to be so aero as possible to hang with the others.

Starting to feel the body hurting, your head hanging and energy level looking for energy at places in your body you haven’t heard about. Getting some energy at a short stop knowing when getting up on the bike your body will hate you and everything that should move just feels stiff. Beeing in the front pushing the pace with a strong guy feeling that everything starts to hurt and knowing that there is one climb left. Getting dropped in that climb and then pedaling like an idiot down the other side trying to get to the others.

There is a dream having better legs at those rides. But there is love to do this over and over again. To push the body so much so the bike is the thing that stops you. Not just enjoying the nature and sun but loving cycling. The rides that makes your mind being the one that pushing you instead of blaming and hating you. To use everything you got the best way to do as best as possible.

Coming home with this:

And looking like this:

With a ride like this: TrainingPeaks Gullfjellet Fana elite

Let’s do this again tomorrow, but more to the west 😉

Sidi 2013 (Wire and Drako)

Was at a sportsfair with some people from work yesterday. Felt new Dura-Ace 9000, a little more on EPS, Rock Shox Monarch with Xloc. Compared Eggbeater and Candy, saw the lines on a Bianchi Oltre and had a guy talking about a 650b Scott Genius all day.

But nothing is close to the best with the fair. A small stand with some italian shoes. Also had a little Wilier, Wheeler and BH but not so interesting (no BH mtb). But Sidi coming with a new shoe. I like my Ergo 3 Carbon but they are a little to loose in front so have to tighten a couple of times. Then they are perfect. Or was.

Check this Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice:


Two things to turn with very small exact clicks and and fit that no one can be compared too. Never felt a better shoe. And it’s available for mtb too, Drako is the name then:


The sole is a bit lighter but still stiff and a new feature on the mtbshoe. They put a titanplate where the cleats are sitting. So instead of wearing down and ruining your shoe when riding with worn down cleats you can just change that plate. Sidi and spare parts, like Campagnolo that has everything. With the difference that the distributor in Norway is said to have parts in stock too 🙂

I got to have a pair or two for next year 😀

jag kan cykla

Idag var jag ute och körde lite mtb. Strömsberg var planen och så blev det. Vägen dit gick riktigt fort, medvind och fin placeboeffekt med tubdäck drog ner pulsen.

På Strömsberg blev det lite backintervaller men kändes lite segt i kroppen. Cykeln däremot kändes grym, verkar ha fått ordning på min stela gaffel med som knakade när man stod upp och bände i styret innan. Nu är den tyst. Enda jag gjort är att ha på lite kolfiberpasta mellan styrstam och gaffelrör och sen bytte jag ut aluspacern som satt över styrstammen till en i kolfiber som numera sitter under styrstammen.

Visar även ett par bilder ifrån distanspasset i onsdags med Cykellistan. Först en mig en trött mig och Mats mage 🙂

Sen en bild på mig och Martin (ursäkta att jag inte dragit upp dragkedjan)

Sista bloggningen ifrån Sverige denna veckan. Imorgon åker jag till Schweiz med sikte på Champery för att kolla in helgens världscuptävlingar. DHfinal imorrn och XC på söndag. Ska bli riktigt kul och hoppas det blir några fina bloggningar därifrån och att det kommer gå bra för alla svenskar som är nere och kör (10st om jag räknat rätt).