Specialized Epic S-Works World Cup 2015 8,48kg

Got a question about this bike and found some more pictures of it:



MCFK stem and handlebar. Sram XX1 twister with Lizard Skin grips. Formula R1 Racing of course.


Tune Blackfoot crankset with a matching Absolute Black spiderless chainring seems to be the lightest crankoption on the market.


MCFK saddle and seatpost too.

10888728_925083400842883_5507985897275670430_n 10891490_925083607509529_1576057314434326045_n

Chris King matchning bearings. 5 year warranty.10897880_925083574176199_8360247549756639659_n

Tune 15mm QR on the front. AX-Lightness SRT CC tubular rims with 50mm A. Dugast Fastbird. Tune Prince/Princess Skyline or Extralite hubs I guess.

Hope rotors is a bit strange but lighter than Formula.

That’s all I know about this superlight 29er fs.

It’s getting closer 26″ vs 29″

Biggest complain about 29ers have been weight but now it’s getting closer to the older 26″. A 26″ full suspension that where used in races was Cannondale Scalpel, I had one at 7,98kg:

Eliflap who built the role model built this one at just 7,59kg:

Now there is riders using the new 29er Scalpel, Scott spark BMC fs… but no other bike has been as successful as Specialized Epic.

So here we have a really light Specialized Epic World Cup 2015:


8,5kg with paint 😉 but without bottle cage.

When are we getting 29er full suspensionbikes under 8kg?

Huge parts sale

Everything in SEK but can send all over EU

100kr each:

Experimental Prototype 50t 130mm BCD
FSA 36t 110mm BCD
FSA 38t 110mm BCD
FSA 52t 110mm BCD
light bash för 42t 110mm BCD
Stronglight 42t 130mm BCD

200kr each:
Cannondale 29/44 incl spider for Hollowgram (94mm BCD)
FRM 27/42 (spider for Cannondale Hollowgram)(no picture)

300kr each:
Carbon-Ti X-Monoring 34t for Cannondale Hollowgram
Sram XX1 32t

Better price if you buy many, 50kr in postage


Sram X.7 2×10 triggers 200kr
Sram flatbar brakelevers 100kr
Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 95mm stem, 25,4mm barclamo 250kr
Bontrager lock-ons (new) 100kr
Aerozine 27,2×250 (or maybe 270) seatpost 200kr
Aerozine 31,6×400 seatpost 300kr
plastic seatpost shim 34,9-31,6mm 50kr
Experimental Prototype carbon seatpost 34,9×400 400kr
Maxxis 27,5″ mtb tube, 50kr for 2

Send me an e-mail if you want to buy: jonas@cerro.dk

AX-Lightness Oversize handlebars

When I thought about Schmolke handlebar I had to check AX-Lightness for news. And what great news they missed to tell us.

They are making Hera and Poseidon handlebar for 31,8mm Oversize too and not just for 25,4. They are showing me parts that I have to have. After I got a Europa seatpost I’m sold to AX-Lightness. Lightweight with qualityfeel.


Hera that you can’t use barends on is in UD just, weight between 70 and 100g, width between 560 and 720mm

Poseidon that is barend compatible is in 3K, UD or Spiky look, weight between 75 and 110g, width between 560 and 720g and is available in two different angles, 6° and 8°.

Both are for a rider max 85kg.

Price: 269€ or 259€

Help lightening my Scalpel

Don’t need another bike for next year. But I need to fix my Scalpel and why not save some weight too.


Frame: Cannondale Scalpel 2009 M, 1963g

Rear Damper: DT XR Carbon (thinking of changing it)

Fork: Cannondale Lefty Speed Carbon XLR, 1260g

Seatclamp: Token, 9g

Headset: Cannondale, 60g

Stem: Cannondale OPI 100mm, -5°, 228g (ti-bolts)

Handlebar: Schmolke TLO 680mm, 88g

Grips: bar tape, 15g

Saddle: Tune Komm-Vor, 95g

Seatpost: AX-Lightness Europa, 110g

Front Derailleur: Shimano Dura-Ace 7900, 74g

Rear Derailleur: Sram XX medium, 189g

Shifter: Sram XX triggers, 197g (including MixxMaster for R1 Racing)

Brakes: Formula R1 Racing with 160/140 Ashima AiRotor, 547g

Crankset: Cannondale Hollowgram SL with 27/42 FRMrings, 600g

Cassette: Recon ti 11-32, 185g

Chain: KMC X10SL, 234g

Wheelset: AX-Lightness Premium MTB, 1020g

Glue: Vittoria, 60g

Tires: A. Dugast Fast Bird 52mm, 1160g

Wire/housing: Shimano Yumeya, 65g

Pedals: Crank Brothers Candy 2ti, 267g

Bottle Cage: Tune Wasserträger Uni, 18g

Total weight: 8468g

The parts that are bold haven’t I yet. Is there better and lighter parts than that? Do you got some other good suggestions on what to do to save some weight but still have an awesome bike?

Schmolke goes big (31,8)

Weightweeniehandlebars is almost always 25,4mm on mtb and 26mm on road. Schmolke has oversize mtbbar but not AX-Lightness. Now it seems to be the same on road as Schmolke is coming with an oversize road handlebar too:


Not just at the clamping, they are going oversize even in the bend. Which makes it necessary to use the special clamp for your Ergopower/STIlevers:

27,5mm diameter where you have your hands instead of more normal 24mm. Better for bigger hands they say. Weight is at the moment at 175g but productionready will be between 155g and 170g. Then you got the lighter TLOversion, between 135 and 150g but can also be built lighter for light riders.

At the same time it’s shown a new seatpost, New Ultimate style with 10mm setback:

Not as cool as AX-Lightness Daedalus but a bit lighter with 87g for 27,2x250mm