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Slept without setting an alarm today, first time in a long time. Took my time to get up, to eat breakfast and thought of my day which wasn’t planned. Thought of riding my bike, maybe on my winterbike with a friend I haven’t met in a long time. No answer made me think even of riding on the trainer, or not at all. Maybe just go into town for a coffee being casual.

Then it all got saved by Emil who just wanted an easy spin around the cx loop, great for my sore legs that didn’t work today. Felt hard but great to do a little spin at Erstavik:


Ended it all with panncakes, talking about etap, Spain and how many people it was at Le Mond. 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

Did all I could to be pro to cover up for my legs today. Glasses like Ted King, clothes like Veronica Larsson, bike like Christoph Sauser and riding gravel like Fredrik Kessiakoff 😉


Can´t stop, won´t stop

Got my t-shirt ordered a while ago today. Saw it first on Colt McElwaine at and just wanted to have it. So cool, so right:


Awesome is the right word. And the company that sells it is: Team Awesome 🙂 Got a pair of socks from them too. And as they are nice they sent some cool Awesome stickers, a pin and a little dinosaur. Good service and working some new small companies. Buy likes and have to have the little extra. Almost everything is available or possible for us so the thing that is hard to compete with is service minded and class, find the right target and give it a try 🙂

Think Team Awesome got a cyclingteam or are some riders with Team Awesome clothes too but haven’t found it. Not the best advertisement.