Le Peloton #120

It’s about routine. If you ride every morning the same time the body get used to it and adapts. Our bodies do adapt more than we can understand and does all it can to be as good as possible, otherwise complain.

My body was tired this morning but I got up and out to Le Peloton. Thought of skipping it but thought again that I would be thinking of it the hole day. It’s better to start a training and get dropped than not to start.


4 Sumos with me and Emil missing out on the picture and 8 in total. Okey for a friday in wet November.

Emil sat the pace high and we tried to follow, two got dropped pretty early. And I felt like I would be too but hung on and we got a bit of rest  when Emil turned wrong in Saltsjö-Duvnäs 😉

Almost dropped before Älta like Michael but got back up. almost got dropped again on Flatenvägen but got up once more. On the last straight Emil dropped me and Claes. I tried to chase a bit but when Claes passed me I was all cooked. Survived with the help of waffles:


2,5km/h faster than on Wednesday feels good with studded tires. Maybe I can get fast sometime.

At least it’s warm enough to wear the Le Peloton kit now 😀


And to care about my great Sequoia with a very needed wash:


Map and stats from the morning: Strava

I took a KOM

When riding with people with skills, with Enduro, with Stumpjumper FSR and it says S-Works all over the place. Beating their time with over 10% (5min) feels extra good then, hard to not be motivated by it.

This morning I took my Camber (that is lighter then Enduro, Stumpjumper FSR and those bikes) and rode the one and only SCS Breakfast Club. Without company it wasn’t so many stops. One for a drink and a couple after turning wrong in a couple of places.

The track is both technical and got some gravel sections. Today I just rode, not pushing hard or going slow. The ground was perfect, not to wet, not to dry. Good grip and I had grip where I wanted to have grip. My Specialized Fast Track S-Works tires is better than I first thought, and it’s predictable like Schwalbe Racing Ralph so easy to know.

So a good morning even without company riding baggy style:

My Camber may not be so much used but when I use it I love it. Don’t know a single thing I want to change on it now (except for a Marzocchi rear damper):

And to celebrate the KOM I passed my favorite café in Hammarby Sjöstad, Vivels, and picked up their cake of the week:

Map and stats: Movescount