Big mountains, small cyclists, awesome trails. Been riding mtb in Sweden, Norway and Germany but nothing has been as good as in Canada. On a rental bike with an ugly helmet.

A thing that really is on my bucket list of cycling is BC Bike Race. A stage race in British Columbia as in the best trails in the world. Watch this video from this years race and see for yourself:

I would prefer a bit less rain in the beginning but what a race. Have had it in mind for several years but never done anything to get there. Don’t think I will for 2018 either but for 2019 on a new Specialized Camber it may be the seasons biggest goal 😀

International Womens day

No matter how much I write here about women cycling it will only be a small thing that no one notices. It’s strange. Sweden got one of the best women cyclists in the world, always there for the win. But never in Swedish TV, Emma Johansson should be the cyclist to show on TV, don’t have a male cyclist close to her but they even send races without Swedes on TV. Strange.

On mtb we have had a World Champion and World Cup winner. Got two swedes that feels they failed when they missed the podium. But no one knows about Alexandra Engen and Jenny Rissveds except if you’re really into cycling.

I think we should show and share what’s best and the ones who does the best results no matter of gender. It should depend on result, not on gender in sports.

So today I share a video from the XC race today in Amathos on Cyprus where Nathalie Schneitter who I saw win a World Cup in front of her home crowd 4 years ago. Video from Ghost Factory Racing and Lisi Osl:

And let’s make a difference. Every human being is worth the same so let’s treat everyone good and not just one type.

Dressed like a champion #gelatosocks

Heard some comments on my Gelatosocks:

And today googling pictures after reading Katja’s blog about CX clothing I have to share this. There are more people riding with this cool Swiss (or Italian?) socks:

But just because one guy more using them, is it right then? Like saying that an AX-Lightness rim is good just because people ride with them, it’s a difference saying Alexandra Engen won the World Championships on them. Used by a World Champion can’t be wrong, can it?

So to get to the point. Kathrin Stirnemann won the XCE World Championships this year and look at her socks:

Also used by other Swiss and Italian riders:

So just to order a pair or two you too 😀

New day, New videos :D

Let’s start from yesterday. Vaude teams racing stage 1 in Perskindol Swiss Epic:

Continuing with the race organisations way to short video from stage 2:

And then ending with the longest most interesting video. Crosshairs interviewing Sven Nys about racing and lines:


First things first. Highlights from Trans Schwarzwald almost a month ago:

And then the first big European CX race of the season with winners like Eva Lechner and Francis Mourey. Not so many racing with disc brakes.

Ending is the biggest MTB event this week. Perskindol Swiss Epic. An epic stage race in Switzerland with a lot of big mountains. Here is a video from the Prologue in Verbier:

And here is from the 1st stage, today:

Swedish, Swiss or Norwegian trailriding?

In Sweden they are building som great trails in Falun like this:

In Switzerland there is a new Epic Stage Race starting on monday with riders like Nino Schurter, Nathalie Schneitter and Annika Langvad. 6 days with big mountains and sweet trails 🙂

Ending with a longer video from a pretty technical trail in Arendal, Norway: