CX World Championships 2014 course preview has been in Hoogerheide and testridden the cours for the World Championship next weekend. Watch the video here:

Last time it was the World Championships in Hoogerheide in the Netherlands was in 2009 where Niels Albert attacked on the first lap and won the race, pretty impressive. Marianne Vos of course won the womens race. Will be more interesting this year I think. Vos has Compton and Niels Albert isn’t so much faster than the others this year. If you want to see how fast they are there is the last World Cup race in Nommay in France tomorrow. Can watch it on UCI’s Youtubechannel: UCIchannel

The World Championship and GP Neerpelt

Today is the fourth time Sweden got a big chance to win a world championship this year. First was XCE that Alexandra Engen won. Second was Women XCO U23 with Jenny Rissveds that didn’t have the day we all wished for. Third was Women XCO Elite with Alexandra Engen that didn’t win this year either, smallest chance of the three I think.

But today the chance is big again. Women Elite road in Firenze with Emma Johansson. She’s leading the World Cup, she has beaten Marianne Vos and the rest of the starters. Will she do it again? GO EMMA!!! Starting a little after 14.00 today.

So how come Sweden doesn’t show more women cycling? Maybe not as fast riding as men but we got a lot bigger chance to win and we really got the top riders. 

But at the same time it’s a big CX race in Belgium, first with Sven Nys in Europe this season. Live stream starts 14.15 so guessing the race will start 14.30. Links here: Cyclingfans

Cyclocross in Erpe-Mere and Norway/Sweden cups

BTB TV is showing from Starcrossed in USA that was last weekend and the racing also started in Belgium. Erpe-Mere had the first race and watch the crowds, a lot of people:

And things happening here in Norway too. This years Norwegian Cup:

5/10 Sandnes

6/10 Bryne

19/10 Svelvik

20/10 Drammen

2/11 Tønsberg

Sweden’s answer long time planned looks like this:

12-okt    GöteborgCK Master/GCK, MCKCX-Cup

13-okt    GöteborgCK Master/GCK, MCKCX-Cup

19-okt    SöderköpingSöderköpings SKCX-Cup

20-okt    NorrköpingKolmårdens MTBCX-Cup

26-okt    HelsingborgCKXCX-Cup

27-okt    ÅstorpÅstorps CKCX-Cup

09-nov    KarlstadSkoghalls CK/OK TyrCX-Cup

10-nov    KarlstadSkoghalls CK/OK TyrCX-Cup

16-nov    StockholmCK CX & Cykloteket RTCX-SM

17-nov    StockholmSMACKCX-Cup

How many of you going to race CX this season?

Boels Cyclocross live x2

The Netherlands, the country that is trying to bring women cycling to us, specially CX. Many good riders and today, a ”small” CXrace in Heerlen are livestreamed. Stream starts at 13.30 CET, women start 13.45 and men 15.00. Unfortunately no Marianne Vos as she got the flu after being in Barcelona training like this:



Link for CXstream here: Sports-Livez

CX World Champions is today! Schedule

Due to stormy weather tomorrow everyone racing today. Schedule:

men junior 15.45
women elite 17.00
men U23 18.30
men elite 20.30

How come women juniors and women u23 doesn’t have any worlds? Sad by UCI.

Livestream by UCI here:

Cyclocross 2011/2012

There was a time when you could see Campagnolo Bora wheels cross the finish line first, when there was a women from the Netherlands beating Marianne Vos, when Sanne van Paassen was black and orange, when Niels Albert took the rainbowstripes from the my favorite crosser. Those beautiful days last season is collected by Cyclephotos in a lovely book just for us fans who remember, who loves, who knows what it’s all about, who knows why 100€ handmade tires is better than 20€, who knows why 60000 fans coming out a winter day, paying for standing at a small course and watch people suffer more then they did the hole season.

Today I got that book in my mailbox, Cyclocross 2011/2012:

You could do like I did and Henrik Öijer suggested before me and buy it here: Cyclephotos