See the local trails

There are some nice trails pretty close to Bergen with a lot of altitude meters. Like Arnanipa:

And one I didn’t know about, Livarden:

So now just find some days to try this too 🙂 Maybe trying one downhill on the mountain here behind my house down from here:

enduromekka I live in?

Big Cannondale news and ride report

Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod Carbon will come in a disc version! Little more expensive than Synapse Hi-Mod black so thin it will have Sram Red22 hydraulic disc brakes and so on 😀 I want, with Tune/AX-Lightness wheels, Formula brakes, Campagnolo EPS 😀

The question is can you fit a 32mm tire and go cyclocross with a roadbike? 😉

After work today I was supposed to ride with John but he went out an hour earlier than me so all I saw of him was his marks on a trail. Borrowed a 60mm stem to try as we didn’t have any 70mm. Felt pretty nice and a bit stiffer (4ZA Cirrus Pro), it was also a bit lower as the Foxfork I borrowed is pretty short. So put the fork in 100mm, locked it and the rear damper and climbed up Fløyen. Felt pretty slow and had to fight a bit. But when I got up, switched the fork to 140mm and opened it and the rear damper I felt why John and I like the Liteville before. So plush, just eats roots and feels so soft like you have punctured both tires while I still had 1,9bar in them. Just floated over the roots (almost at least) but have to get up some speed on Sticks’n’Stones trail as it’s hard to ride it as slow as I am. Rode up a bit and aimed for Fløyen Rockgarden which is the trickiest trail I’ve tried here, never managed to ride it all. Not today either but only had to step a foot down in the middle as my front wheel was sliding (hard to roll when you brake) and didn’t have it all under control all the time but a big step forward and cool when the bikes soaks up as good as it does.

Down to Stand and deliver that is an awesome singletrack, some roots but great flow with a wide trail first and ending with a really small soft part that is a bit tricky when it’s wet. Here is a couple of pictures from some turns in the middle:


Coming from the top here and turning right down with a lot of slippery roots. 180° around and then like 180° to the left where my bike lays:



Then it goes straight away. Beautiful place to ride.

After this I climbed up to Brushytten and enjoyed the way down to Munkebotn. Wasn’t all sure about how my 160mm rotors would manage it today as it goes a like 330m down in under 10min with a lot of braking. Ashima AiRotor and Formula R1 Racing did it great without any doubts 😀

Stats and map from today: Movescount

milky way

Riding alone today and a bit shorter than yesterday. Thought of riding like today last sunday but to crappy weather then, better today with not so much rain. Just a lot of water in the air so like riding into water instead of water falling down on you. And today I stopped a couple of times to photo for you, here in the middle of an island going up:

Hard climb with 40-25 but better than yesterdays hardest. And I had to stop going down afterwards on the other side to show you this:

And you can see the weather too. Really nice road. Took wrong way a bit later but happy about that as I got shorter way home. And after 2h my legs/body didn’t feel good at all, hard time to ride long two days in a row when not used to it. But happy getting over 10h of training this week 🙂

Map and graph: TrainingPeaks Frekhaug

And some minutes ago Marianne Vos won the CX World Cup in Rome in front of Katie Compton. 😀 Men starts now at 15.00, watch here: Sports-Livez

3h and a mountain

I don’t have to mention it rained on the ride today or do I? Rode with a couple of guys from BCK on mtbs. Should have 3h more and I didn’t want to go around Ulriken as so often before so we headed to Os instead. Flat nice ride to Os in a soft pace. Perfect. In Os Are didn’t want to ride the same way back so turned left and headed for the famous/hated Fanafjellet. I wasn’t sure on that as it’s pretty steep and I got 40-25 as easiest gear. Used my high profile wheels as much as I could to save some power for that climb and trying to find any life in my wet cold hands. Want to be a sunshine rider instead of riding in 3-5° C and rain. Hard to get heat to my hands using a CX instead of a flat handlebar, specially when trying to shift gear.

But I survived and felt my hands again in Fana before the climb. Felt pretty good in the start and at the middle where it get’s a bit steeper I lefty the others as I didn’t have any lighter gears. Standing an pushing, trying to do it easy (with 180 in heart rate) felt a bit hard. But the climb ended sooner then I thought and felt good and happy that it is possible even with cx tubulars, 3bar and to big gears 🙂

Then getting down with cold hands hanging on the brakes also was an experience. Cantilevers and carbon fibre rims isn’t the best in the wet but okey.

Got some speed to catch the others and then it was a nice ride back home to Bergen city. After saying goodbye to Are I loved my wheels at Bryggen in tail wind, fun to ride a bit fast when you feel the wheels just pushing on.

So back home after 3h6min with a lot of water in my clothes I was satisfied with the last ride of the year. 😀 Map and Graph: TrainingPeaks Os

So soon some nice celebrating of that we survived this year too with some friends and from me to you all: Happy New Year!!!

Bergen winter, or was it english?

Now it’s winter here like I’ve been told it should be. Floodwarning yesterday and it was said it should come 110mm rain. Rained a lot. Today it shouldn’t rain at all att some hours, like when I thought of riding 4h. But waking up it was raining but had to ride and then forgetting my water bottle at home it wasn’t so funny.

A lot of wind but not so much rain in the beginning and it was okey. Was even a bit happy about it and thought I would ride more than 1 hour I first thought of when it was raining. Rode to Åsane and towards Salhus past Breistein. 3,1bars 40-11 and riding in 35-40km/h on the flat felt pretty good and even thought for a short while to ride over the Nordhordaland bridge but thought again as I knew I would with so much wind and 50/85mm high wheels. And then after 47min the water had come through my Rapha cycling cap and a couple of minutes later the water found the way in to my feet too. Rained a lot.

After an hour my gloves were full of cold water. So no photos from the ride today as it wasn’t so funny when the wind came wrong way, it rained that never stopped and legs that haven’t been riding on over a week.

Made it home not meeting one single cyclists and knowing that I won’t get a dog to walk outside in such weather. So now drying some clothes and changing some for a longer ride with some friends tomorrow 😀 Everything is about mood and motivation 🙂

Map and graph: TrainingPeaks WetSalhus

And rechargings for Superprestige CX from Diegem at 17.00 CET 😀


And is there anyone that is interesting in tuned Sram Red shifters, Sram Red+Sram Rival rear derailleur, Sram Rival front derailleur, a new Sram PG-1070 cassette and a new KMC X10SL chain? Thinking of a new groupset for my SuperX to the spring

grey and pink, 8,5kg Success from Cannondale

8,5kg including pedals so no cheating here.

Grey and Pink is the colour for 2013, look at this 16″ Girl Trail bike:

Cannondale shows that they focus on frames. The cheapest and smallest Cannondale but with a frame good enough to sit on a much more expensive bike. Well painted and you see the transition from top tube to seat stays like on Flash or a Caad10. And they did the thing I never seen on a children bike before, they integrated the wire for the rear brake in the frame:

Maybe not so good crank but a normal headset so if you want to upgrade you can fit a Tune Bubu too :D, maybe in pink.

snow, – and a enjoying life on my bike

When it’s cold most people change tires to studded  or just stay at home like people seemed to be doing today. I’m using good plush tubulars so I just lowered the pressure and took of my bottle cage and went out.

2,2bars was perfect for riding today, asphalt and snowy roads. Like this:

The brakes didn’t touch even when they are in the closes mode, good stuff full of snow. But the things that didn’t work so well today was my aluminium Recon cassette, the snow stuck to it:

Skipped a bit the first way around after changing gear before the chain got proper grip. But rear derailleur worked like always even full of snow. The other thing I can’t recommend anyone is to ride with roadpedals in snow. At least not time RXS. Never had any problems with Crank Brothers in snow or mud but it took me almost 10min today before I got clicked in with my right shoe. And I thought of road wintershoes, no way.

Nice ride otherwise and the weather just got better and better. Around 2-3 minus Celsius. And coming back to Bergen center and looking at home on the other side:

Blue sky now. And soon time for CX in Roubaix. Good life 🙂 Map and graph of the day: TrainingPeaks Snow

Ending with a picture for Boonen’s CXrace yesterday won by Zdenek Stybar and for 5th place, Peter Sagan. Riding with classic bend and on a 2012 Cannondale SuperX like me:



Selvik hillclimb

Tested a new road today, just going in and out so nothing to ride on a longer ride but on a short ride it’s nice. Last week was a pretty flat road with some wind. Today I didn’t have any wind but a bit colder (around 2° C).

So started with Munkebotn for a warm up 😉 and then down to Eidsvåg. Turning right to Selvik and thought it was some climbing but not as much as it was. Okey in the beginning but passing Øvre Selvik it was just straight up. Having 40-25 as lightest it got very hard, standing and riding all over the road to get up. Hard but did it. Then a little bit down again and a little bit up in the end where the road ended. A small farm in the end looking like this:

Then turning around going back down. Had some hard time braking down the steep hill but worked. And stopped to take a photo of the view halfway down:

Nice riding with some good training too so enjoyed the morningride. First time with my new Assos FuguJack winterjacket too, a bit to warm still but soon it will be perfect. 🙂

Map and Graph: TrainingPeaks Selvik

Cycling and Superprestige Gavere

Not so much rain today and even some blue sky made us go cycling. Me, Lina and Arne met at 10 and took a ride around south Bergen easily said. Got some sun, some hail, some rain and met some cyclists out training too. Arne on a normal Everest CX with compact crank, Lina on a Cannondale Caad10 with compact crank and me with 40t single ring. Thanks to lighter faster wheels it wasn’t any problem and enjoyed riding my Superbike. First ride with my new SKS Raceblade XL fenders too, nice with fenders when it’s wet outside, can recommend them.

After riding around Kalandsvatnet on a cyclingpath full of hail so like riding in hard snowballs we went up over Vallaheiane that is a hill outside Bergen that you are going over if you driving Bergen-Stavanger. Pushed on a little in the beginning and before last turn a put in a couple of extra gears and put as much pressure on the pedals I could, a little bit too early as I blew myself with 191 in heartrate and to far to the top, better luck next time. And on the way down I had a bit too light gears as I pedaled out 40-11 at around 55-57km/h and around 120 in cadence, good training.

Then back to centrum and home. Map and Graph: TrainingPeaks BergenSouth and a picture of the good company I had:

In the middle of Bruce Springsteentalk 😉

So now some food and soon the race of the day. Superprestige Gavere that you can watch live here:

Sports-Livez, stream starts 14.30, race 15.00 CET

Unfortunately they never sending the womens race that already been. Winner with picture from a cleaner race:

1. Nikki Harris – Young Telenet-Fidea

2. Sanne Van Paassen – Rabobank

3. Sanne Cant – BKCP-Powerplus