Invitational Nøtterøy

Got a message on Facebook about a ride on Nøtterøy after work. Thought of doing some homework but riding with some nice people on awesome trails (as usual on Nøtterøy) in 26° and sun isn’t possible to say not to 🙂

Been on the island before and ridden many good trails but none of them I rode today, many trails on that island. Only thing that wasn’t on top today was my tires, they still don’t like wet roots and stones but I’m learing to ride them anyway 😉

Got some nice views:

10488156_551653338290027_6404505962305021798_n 10492031_551653354956692_557233933065935291_n

Awesome downhills after both pictures with a great flow 😀 After the picture here on top was the best singletrack of the day I think. My remedy works so great so just have to know it and push full speed 😀 Maybe even better today as I have lowered the tirepressure from 1,6 to 1,5bar. Never ridden clinchers so low, with tubes.

So 1,5h today too showed here: Movescount