Soon racing time


Memories from old and not so old times gets back to you when it’s time to race some awesome races again. The 13th May is it time for the XCM Långa Billingeracet again, didn’t race it last year as I failed but this picture is from 2015. A sunny day where I did a good race and met a lot of old friends and nice people, a day I still remember. Have been riding 30000km since that day, hopefully I will be a bit faster 🙂 And my Epic is a couple of kilos lighter than the Camber was, but with less comfort.

The day after it’s the Nordic XC Championships for Masters and an UCI race for the fast guys in Vårgårda. I did the race latest in 2010. Started in front of the 2016 U23 World Champion Jenny Rissveds:

58334_1606472127193_4426897_n (1)

But she passed me pretty fast in the mud, like most of the others 😉 Thomas Rissveds got another good picture of me then too:

Vårgårda mtb

Looking forward 😀

Nice, the beauty

Not blogged for a while, not been in Sweden for a while. But went to Nice in France and saw the headlines happened. We didn’t expect some maniac drive a truck over people on the Bastille day at the Riviera. It was very sad, and the place he drove over people was so long I almost started to cry when passing it 3 days after… We are all on this earth together.

Except a bad truckdriver, many dead people and thinking of what would have happened if we didn’t went home earlier. The trip was super. Nice is a magic place. It got the class of rich people, the atmosphere of France with many small and great restaurants and cafées, it got mountains high enough to be called mountains, and it got a blue ocean.

Pictures from the trip:

I also got to know a happy strong guy, Raphael who took some pictures:

And having lunch in Italy with my friends:


My first time riding mountains and it takes some power climbing climbs in 24km for example, my legs got heavier and heavier and with a ”restday” (2h38min ride) I was able to ride with one of my best friends Henrik and the ”new” guy Raphael to magic places and having a great time sweating under the sun. Everything wouldn’t have been without Emil who ”arranged” the trip and got me to my favourite country. If I would be rich someday I would move to Nice.

Being me and being in Nice is extra fun as my favourite brand of cyclingclothes Café du Cycliste is from there and got a great shop and café at the Port. Did a Sundayride with people from there too, there are some strong climbers out there and the ride was hard but nice 😀 Ended the trip with an coffee and croissant at Café du Cycliste this morning:


Will live long on this trip. And will never forget how good my Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc is for descending, how good it worked out with 1×11 on the climbs and the importance of good tires when braking hard. 😀

XC pro style

Free from work today, was to expensive to fly to Bergen and celebrate 17th May, no fun cheap flights anywhere else, no fun place to go by train. Was thinking of riding a nice roadride and checked the map, didn’t find anything exciting enough alone.

So was happy when Marika talked about mtb. Decided to go north to Järvafältet to some new tracks 🙂 So rode to work (yes I was free) and borrowed a Specialized Epic Comp Carbon WC and went north. Took a singletrack in Hagaparken, rode wrong at Järva Krog but got to Bögs Gård where I was supposed to meet Marika way too early. Enjoyed the sun and relaxed for a while.

Then she came and we rode out on singletracks I missed. Real XC riding and not All Mountain like Hellas or just gravel. Great trails, great weather, great guide and a tempo that felt easy which was good after my crash.


It may be fun with 130+ travel, dropped posts and wide tires but faster trails with a proper light (could be) XCbike with an effective rear damper is the best. Haven’t thought about it so much before but that’s me 😉

Not so long ride together but descent and got up with some distance as I rode there and back too. First proper summer ride with a Brain damper too, so nice to not have to care or have to change setting 🙂

Stats and map: Strava

Back in Stockholm I stopped and took a picture of the great bike and great city:


Suns out, guns out

What can be better on a sunny day to ride my favorite roadbike? Planned an easy ride to Ösmo, or maybe Nynäshamn alone. Changed plans a bit while riding to have a break in Ösmo and then continue almost to Södertälje to get some new roads and variation. Thought it would be longer but was shorter.

Magic weather and first training in short-short this year 🙂 But no one is perfect, forgot my pedals at work yesterday so had to ride with mtbshoes, luckily my S-Works mtb shoes are pretty good too 😀


My S-Works Tarmac felt great today too, didn’t think it would be as fast as it was, felt good.

The ride: Strava

Finished the day with going up to Fiskartorpet and check the 1st race in the Stockholms roadbikecup. Great racing and met a lot of nice people 🙂 You should watch racing if you can, it’s fun.



I took a KOM

When riding with people with skills, with Enduro, with Stumpjumper FSR and it says S-Works all over the place. Beating their time with over 10% (5min) feels extra good then, hard to not be motivated by it.

This morning I took my Camber (that is lighter then Enduro, Stumpjumper FSR and those bikes) and rode the one and only SCS Breakfast Club. Without company it wasn’t so many stops. One for a drink and a couple after turning wrong in a couple of places.

The track is both technical and got some gravel sections. Today I just rode, not pushing hard or going slow. The ground was perfect, not to wet, not to dry. Good grip and I had grip where I wanted to have grip. My Specialized Fast Track S-Works tires is better than I first thought, and it’s predictable like Schwalbe Racing Ralph so easy to know.

So a good morning even without company riding baggy style:

My Camber may not be so much used but when I use it I love it. Don’t know a single thing I want to change on it now (except for a Marzocchi rear damper):

And to celebrate the KOM I passed my favorite café in Hammarby Sjöstad, Vivels, and picked up their cake of the week:

Map and stats: Movescount

too wet sundayride

Next winter I will have disc brakes, and fenders, studded tires when needed.

Was supposed to be 4 riders today but 2 didn’t come because of the weather. Snowed last night and was plus degrees so melted and it was wet everywhere. Didn’t stop me and Sara for a 4h ride. Rode out to Ingarö and around there for the first time, always nice with new roads but today it would have been nicer to lay in the sofa and watch a movie instead. Looked like this:

And I tried a selfie again. If you press the picture to get it bigger you can see my phone and Sara in my glasses 😉

When we came back to Sickla Sara didn’t have enough time so steered towards Älta to get some extra time. Sara turned around after 7-8min but I thought it was funnier to continue than going back and same way home. Continued to Älta and Sköndal on my way home. 🙂

Home with dirty clothes and feets that didn’t like me at all 😉 But 4h45min on a februaryday is nice 🙂 Map and stats here: Movescount

Last post from Sweden

In 3 hours I’m sitting on a plane from Sweden. Soon time to pack my bike and everything else 😉 But before two pictures. First how fun it is riding a bike here:

And then a Ridley Helium that could been so good looking. But something happened with the bar tape, how did the owner fail so much taping (at the hoods)?

the pictures (move to Norway!)

If anyone of you that doesn’t live in Norway (or Switzerland maybe) had been riding with us today you had moved to Norway. Starting to ride with the ocean through an old town downside some mountains at 400-600m. Continuing next to a fjord between the mountains, passing a small town and then riding along the water on a small road meeting many riders and passing a peloton. Not so much cars as they are on a bigger road higher up.

clothing like this and perfect sunny spring weather. Over a bridge to Norways biggest inland island. Looks like this at first:

And yes, there is snow on top of the mountain to the right. So more in on the island and passing a lake:

Going uphill a really nice climb with switchbacks and all of that before we go downhill very long on a straight. Then a smaller road on the countryside where everything seems just WOW. When God created landscape he had his peak in Norway I think. Back to the bridge on a small road:

And then back around Ulriken as I posted pictures on before and you don’t want to see pictures from there today. Specially not on me as I started to get tired before Ytre Arna and after Åsane I just seemed dead, not so stylish as I wanted to be. In Eidsvågsneset I was so tired I only had one slow speed and felt like I just wanted to fall in a ditch and sleep for a while. But there where no ditches so had to pedalling.

But I won as when I heard of ice cream at Bryggen. Had to survive and I did thanks to my good friends. Stopped and parked our bikes and Roger took a photo:

The three Sram Redbikes, Petter who uses Shimano Dura-ace didn’t have time for ice cream but he has supported me with the earlier pictures from his blog Brunost o Cykelolja

And then after some time in the que we got our ice. Me and Birgitte enjoying good ice cream in the sun:

Not my best pose but it’s because I was so tired 😉

Ending with thanking my Carbomaniawheels for the speed today 🙂

the Ionos investment for life

A helmet is important, a working one is even more important. My lovely Atmos broke in the transportation to Germany so I put it in the garbage before getting back to Norway. Today I got a new one. Thought of Aeon  as we have mostly Giro at work and my head like Giro. But Aeon was just in one colour that I didn’t want. So instead I got a Ionos. First a black medium but after trying to fix it to my head perfect before I went home a friend thought I should have a small instead, haven’t even thought of that. But the small was better. So changed to a small white helmet. Really nice helmet.

A little thicker than my Atmos was but was a little bit lighter anyway, if I remember right my Atmos was 284g.

After getting home I went to the store to buy some food and get a nice package. You can see a little of it on the picture here above and a little more here:

More pictures and info on it tomorrow. For the first time in my life I’m own something with the lovely AX-Lightness brand on, hopefully not the last time 😀 Good night.