Sthlm Explo GravelSunday


Except having a bath I did everything you should do a summer day today. I found a dreambike. Met up with some great fast friends. Rode on all different of types of roads (incl singletrack). Had fika in the sun. Rode more. Felt fast a couple of times. Met up with more friends and had ice-creamcoffee at Le Mond.

The fast ridingfriends:


Dangerous areas:


Grassy green roads:

Proper off road roads:

Views in the middle of nowhere:


My favorite guide for these events:


The fast guys always ready for an attack:




I also tried to go fast on asphalt:


A year ago I sold my Diverge. With the only downside that it couldn’t handle big tires. Now the new one is released and Specialized Nordic let us borrow one to test. If I only would have one bike, this would be the one. Maybe not just the Comp Carbon I borrowed but a Diverge. Low as a roadbike, great space for tires, possible with fenders, comfortable with CG-R seatpost and Futureshock. Made to be fast on every sort of terrain. As good as a S-Works Venge Vias Disc was on today’s Tour de France stage, the Diverge is for me 🙂


Map and stats: Part1, Part2

Suns out, guns out

What can be better on a sunny day to ride my favorite roadbike? Planned an easy ride to Ösmo, or maybe Nynäshamn alone. Changed plans a bit while riding to have a break in Ösmo and then continue almost to Södertälje to get some new roads and variation. Thought it would be longer but was shorter.

Magic weather and first training in short-short this year 🙂 But no one is perfect, forgot my pedals at work yesterday so had to ride with mtbshoes, luckily my S-Works mtb shoes are pretty good too 😀


My S-Works Tarmac felt great today too, didn’t think it would be as fast as it was, felt good.

The ride: Strava

Finished the day with going up to Fiskartorpet and check the 1st race in the Stockholms roadbikecup. Great racing and met a lot of nice people 🙂 You should watch racing if you can, it’s fun.



Tested Velothon

Today I had the opportunity to ride the track of Velothon together with She Rides, a couple from Velothon and some others. Skoda Cycling Team rode at the same time but a bit faster, unfortunately they seemed to have had a crash and went home earlier.

Our goal was to try the course and Milla from Velothon should check it out and wanted company. With an average of 27-29km/h. Easy through Stockholm:

Mattias, our guide and the Event Director:

Down to Ösmo we had a much lower average than planned and while sitting in the front all the time it felt a bit too easy but we rode all together and it was a couple of riders who wheren’t as fast. In Ösmo we got ”fika” or pit stop by the great Maria Kullberg:

Then we split our 11 riders in two groups. We where 7 riders who went a bit faster, the others also stopped for lunch in Nynäshamn. We just stopped in Sorunda for filling up water and ate while riding.

I was still in front, wanted to get some training too 😉

After some time we got the ”big” climb of Velothon. Kessiakoffs Climb. I should get up first but Mattias was hanging on my wheel. It was steep for a short part in the beginning (think full speed with 52-14) and then it flattens out and even goes downwards before it goes up again. Not so steep but pretty long. Felt like waste in the last part and had to gear down a couple of gears and thought Mattias would pass. I stood up and pushed as hard as I can we he tried too and got the win 😀

After that Linda and Amira started to sprint in the small climbs, felt a bit crispy for a while but went okey. It’s hard to change rhythm from easy to hard while riding I think, so much easier to go fast if you done it all the ride.

I didn’t take all sprints but sat in front all ride and felt good. Good ride for the confidence and it was really fun 🙂 And a great course

Map and stats: Strava

Ended with a coffee and carrot cake at bikecafé Le Mond with Linda:

The ride motivated by Coffee

Maybe the most Swedish word is fika, isn’t available in any other language and every cyclist should know it. Fika means to have a coffee and a cake or something like that, just because it’s good. Different from lunch which is more healthy and for a reason.

We where 5 riders in the facebookgroup Fikacykling Le Mond which met on Le Mond this morning and aimed for Ösmo and the gardencafé there. Started pretty good but it started to rain so we took cover while it was passing:

Then continued on some new roads for me, so not the shortest way. Felt pretty good and did pretty much of the work in front. Great feeling. Last open part was very windy, but with a lot of riders out 🙂

Then fika, sat outside but the sun disappeared so we went inside instead:


Then they said it was time to go back to Stockholm again. Hard time in the beginning but found some power again on the small nice roads 🙂 Christopher and Emil wasn’t in top shape so slowed down a bit sometimes and got time to take a picture:

Nice to have a breatpocket to have the phone in 🙂

After riding for around 3h I started with some signsprints. Nice to even think about sprints after riding for so long 🙂 But didn’t got any company so had to do it myself. Rode a nice road to Länna in the end where Emil seemed a bit tired 😉

Back in Stockholm I joined the others going into town instead of going directly home. Left them on Söder and aimed for La Chemise to pick up some nice new clothes. Got passed by a Ferrari 360 on my way but passed it again 😉 Picked my clothes and headed back home. Got stuck with all the people as Gumball 3000 starts this weekend, a lot of cool cars:

And a lot of people.

Got back home and after having After Bike on the balcony and a nice shower I tried my new clothes. Le Peloton style 😀

Felt really nice and looking forward to ride with them 🙂

Map and stats from today: Movescount (150km on Strava)