Dead end ride

Ended this weeks riding with a ride on Ingarö and to all the big wharfs there. Claes was guide and gathered hours. Mathias tried to get the legs to spin after his ride yesterday. Magnus tried to acclimatize back to Sweden after being in Spain for a week. Peter just wanted to ride. I like variation and riding on a Sunday 😉


Colorfull group, all with white helmets. And strongest today was Magnus:


I wasn’t:


But it was 3 well spent hours on some new roads, some old and with speed. Felt a bit strange to be home finished riding already at 11 but got a lot of time to cheer for Stybar at Le Mond all afternoon 🙂

Map and stats of my ride: Strava

Dugast goes tubeless!

Or at least tubeless tubulars, like Tufo:


Regular tubulars look like on the right side. A cotton tube sewed together with a basetape covering and a thread glued on the other side. Added are a latex tube inside. But Dugast is making progress and gluing and adding latex to the cotton so loosing both seems and tubes. Makes the construction better so riders like Nino Schurter and Wout Van Aert can ride with higher pressure but with same grip and plushness. The solution also saves 10% in weight compared to regular tubulars.

Tufo has always done this but with rubber all the way so have been pretty harsh. But who will follow Dugast now when they soon are releasing their tires leading the industry once again?

More info here: Cyclingtips and the source here: Logan Deborde

Superlight AX and Pavé recon

If it should be light, it should be AX-Lightness I think. Making light parts that work and look good, specially their Vial Evo frame, like the clean design where they didn’t make it alla black. Now soon you can buy the lighter Vial Evo Ultra and here the AX-Lightness man himself Alex showing it for R2-Bike:

And a complete other thing where you don’t want the lightest parts but parts that keep together and add as much comfort as possible. Paris-Roubaix tomorrow. And Cannondale-Garmin did a recon. Here with my friend Kristoffer Skjerping in focus:

If you want to see more about the cool bike Cannondale-Garmin is trying to beet Etixx-Quick Step with you can find one here: Velonews

Getting ready for spring/cobbles

There is one thing seeing the spring classics on tv. Another thing riding them yourself and watching it live. I’m going to Belgium in april to do that 😀

Riding cobble stones with 40mm Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate’s costing over 3000€ doesn’t feel so good, riding with 38mm cheap chinese carbon rims doesn’t feel so good either. You want more comfort and something to trust. Low profile alu rims with many good spokes, a great hub and then just glue a super big tire on too it is the way to go.

Was looking to build a pair but hubs costs a fortune if you got the options Tune or DT 240. So I found a used set 😀

Tune Mig/Mag hubs in right colour. Silver DT Competition spokes (28/32) and then the most beautiful low profile alu rims made in modern time, Ambrosio Crono F20.

1409g for the wheelset feels pretty good and this I can trust no matter which weather or how big the cobbles are. On the picture I tried to mount a Vittoria Pavé 27mm tire too, will measure and compare with a Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm tomorrow 😀

Looking forward to a colourful 2015

my training went to South Africa

Tried to ride XC with the Remedy today. Wasn’t as fun as the riding on wednesday. Go hard or go home they say so this evening was a hard fight. Some nice trails, a lot of water, a couple of nice guys and great weather.

Stats here: Movescount

So let us forget that and move on to this big weekend. First XCO World Cup in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa and LIV Pro Team is ready:

Without Marianne Vos who is in Sea Otter winning. Won the Short Track race today.

And then we got the cool men’s team, Cannondale Factory Racing:

Will any team ride with the XTR 9000 that was released today you think? Not so impressed so just giving a link to info about it: Bikeradar

But cool front derailleur.

Snow and roadtires?

A little bit cold today but wanted to train a little before work so first time for winterpants and wintershoes. Was only -2° C so didn’t thought it was necessary for my new winterjacket so took my thinner Mavic Infinity H20 jacket instead. FFWDwheels on my SuperX. Awesome combo at just 6,37kg including lights and computer mount.

Was okey first but when I past Åsane I rode on a small road not used by so many cars, snowy but was pretty good riding with 27mm FMB tires. Then it got worse so didn’t dare to ride fast than around 15km/h and a bit icy. Coming out on carused road was nice later and could push on some more. But then at the coldest place it was -8° C (should have got my winter jacket and shoecovers). But beautiful and always nice to ride in the sun in the morning. Looked like this between Ytre and Indre Arna:



Around -5° there. Rode the small road after Indre Arna that was pretty okey with just some small parts with slushy snow but good grip. Coming out on the bigger road back to Bergen it was just like normal a little wet road so just pedal on. Wasn’t feeling so good today so was enough with a single 39T chainring too. Nice ride to work and best winterbike 😉

Map and Graph here: TrainingPeaks Winter1