Le Peloton #165


Today I was motivated and wanted to hang on until the end, no dropping. Doped with my favorite Specialized S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit, Evade helmet and S-Works Sub6 shoes 😉


Alone of my look, not so matched like Penton Cycling:


But I survived up Östervik to Fisksätra and kept my leg in schack. Easy spinning and it was good to go for real. Could push 100% for the rest and got so happy I even got to cover some gaps and took quiet a few turns. 😀 I think I even was happier finishing with the group today than managed to hang on around Vättern with Skoda. This has been much so hard and thought a lot of my leg and why it doesn’t work perfect if I don’t warm up proper.

My 3rd best time on Le Peloton today too 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Happy breakfast at Le Mond afterwards in the sun and me and Johan found out we matching socks 😀 Gelatosocks:


If you want to see how we rode, here is a video by Jesper:

Le Peloton #101

We all need some connections and be together. Today it was my 101st Le Peloton and it was Elviras 1st 🙂


Vacationtimes but still over 60 riders today. Awesome to see so many up so early to go so fast. And today it was fast. Many strong riders and I had pretty good legs but only a 46T chainring in front. It worked much better than I thought and was good training for my cadence 🙂

Ended up with setting a PR on  the official loop with over a minute averaging 42,9km/h including to stops on the 34,6km loop 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Then we rode through south Stockholm (pic by Johan):


And had a super breakfast in the sun, so worth the riding:


I’ve got in love with my Specialized S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit for these rides and as it’s all black it feels like I need to make it a bit funnier with funny socks. But in my favourite book (Sort kaffe & hvide sokker) the socks should be white. White thin and awesome Café du Cycliste socks to match my supernice Sub6 shoes today:


In perfect length 🙂 That’s important.

Le Peloton #99

This morning I remembered why I’m not a fan of riding Lanterne Rouge Tuesday evening, my legs wasn’t what I hoped for. Not as many riders as before gathered:


Heard they were more in group 3 than in the first group. Why is people so afraid of being dropped? Like I said to a friend at work today. Rather getting dropped in the first group while trying than having an easy ride in group 3. Le Peloton is about riding as hard as you can, pushing your limit.

I took some turns in the beginning but then it was really hard just to hang on. I tried a couple of times but didn’t make it all the way. Aimed to keep the wheel and advance if someone started to drop.

Managed to stay in the peloton but wanted more. Then we came to Söder and it was a chaos with roadwork 😉 Took a different route to Le Mond but finally got there in the heat.

It was hard but the breakfast made up for it. And great people made the breakfast long until I rode with Linda to work. With very heavy legs, was quite a while since my legs felt so heavy. 🙂

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the beauty of winterriding

After discussing yesterday it ended with cafériding today, uncommon roads with fun people. Me and Emile rode to Brommaplan with some obstacles:

Met up with Jimmie, Isabella, Emil and Karim.

Started in the wrong direction but then we got right on things and headed towards islands, castles, singletrack and white beauty.

But already at Nockeybridge Emil and Karim got problems riding in the snow and turned around. Meanwhile Dan caught us. Isabella and Jimmie got a bit after and Isabella dropped. We took a longer way at one place and Jimmie rode with Isabella after we caught her.

So we ended up with 4 riders, 3 strong ones and me. In a funny winter landscape. Strange weather as our glasses froze so had to take the ice off them at some times and our clothes got icy too. Rode on small roads, found a great singletrack and had a good time laughing at my bike that was collecting all snow, should ride with fenders?

A collection of pictures today:

Back home after a little over 4h of riding and pretty tired. Sara went hard on the back to the mainland so had to suffer a bit. These rides are what builds the hardness towards spring and summer. A ride to remember.

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Le Peloton #54

The darkness is here and so is the Le Peloton CX season. Is getting more and more doing the CX-loop and less doing the road loop


My cyclocross isn’t good enough for group 1 and neither am I now. it’s going a bit to slow to give me a great training in group 3 so now it’s CX season for me too. Where 7 riders doing the CX-loop today.

Became between 2 and 4 riders riding together in the middle with me. Had problems being in front as my light isn’t as strong as the others and all I saw was a big shadow of myself. So couldn’t raise the tempo when needed. But halfway we got company from Fredrik who sat the tempo perfect. Had a hard time sitting on wheel but managed it, or almost. Had to drop him on the way back in a climb but had him in sight for a long time and while he dropped me I dropped the 2 guys behind me.

Good thing with the CX-loop is that it’s easy to go hard alone, more climbs where you have to have power to get up proper.

Another good thing is that I made a new personal record on the loop after Tuesday last week, with 21sec 🙂

Then we had breakfast with awesome people at my favourite café, cykelcafe Le Mond:

DSC_1122 DSC_1121

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