World Championship Men ITT

I seem not so good at predictions so I keep them for myself. Some people are just faster than others on the special day.

Yesterday was such a day for Vasil Kiryienka:

Giving ”Sky is the limit” a meaning in cycling once again. He rode just faster than everyone else so Congratulations!

Adriano Malori – Movistar – Italy came second and Jérome Coppel – IAM Cycling from France became 3rd. No Martin in the top.

All results: Pro Cycling Stats

Win like a Sir


Not my dreamresult but Wiggins seemed to be at another level and rode faster than everyone else. Even with a old Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 crankset. Sad that Shimano can’t fix a new crank and men size chainrings for him. But like the brakelevers he got.

I was cheering for Tony Martin today ut he ended 2nd. Don’t think there is any pro cyclist that can wear a cycling cap more stylish than Martin.

Extra sad is that Wiggins ending his road career this week to compete on Track instead. So the most beautiful kit (World Champ) won’t be shown next year. Really sad. I prefer a winner that is racing in the winner kit year after no matter if it’s a national or world championship win.