Riding when I can

Packed week with Trondheim and Norwegian Roadbike Cup this weekend so not so much riding for me. Rode yesterday and got another great ride today. Around Arna with John A before breakfast, great ride but never feels so fast in the mornings. Cloudy and 12° C so really nothing special weather but okey.

And the last ride of this week as I’m going to Living Room (praying and worship in church) this evening, to the hospital (hopefully for last time with my wound in my rear) tomorrow morning and then starting my travelling to Trondheim after work.

Tried to take a picture today but to blurry to show so just link to the stats and map from today: Movescount

Felt good with the Extralite stem too, no problems so same feeling as before except that it looks better and is lighter. 🙂

Around Arna with John again

last time this month I guess I rode around Arna with John this morning before breakfast. Back on the SuperSIX Evo again and felt like home. 1kg lighter, 2,7cm shorter wheelbase, 6cm lower hoods felt perfect. When you hit the pedals the bike flies away and you’re looking for an engine ;). Much snappier than the too big Synapse but not as comfortable and felt a bit softer too. Will the Synapse be perfect in my size?

Except that John who says he’s not in good shape dragged me around all the way and did it good. Don’t know if he was a bit slower today or just me a bit faster as it was easier to hold the wheel. DT190 hubs and Vittoria Evo Corsa CX 21mm feels faster than Vision with ceramic hubs and Schwalbe Ultremo clinchers in size 25mm.

So 1h 46min riding before breakfast way too early. Nice start with okey weather (wet roads but no rain). 155 in average today so 4 lower than tuesday and today I’m back on Strava: todays ride So follow me there, will stop using my gpscomputer and just a simple Suunto T4c for watching and phone with Strava. Fun to see speed and length afterwards but don’t want to stress with it while riding.