My first Time Trial today, really didn’t know what to expect and was nervous in a odd way. My biggest weakness is that I’m thin and weak, not so good for time trial and I knew it will be hard time to sit proper on the borrowed bike. But surrounded with nice people


and a relaxed feeling around the race, at least with the elite riders. Choosed Elite class as it was a better starttime and I knew I would lose anyway, the results wasn’t so important and I didn’t wanted to prove anything for anyone else.

Started ok, felt like a hard time to sit in right position after 2,31km and after 7min Karl who started 1min behind me passed. The mental game was full on and when the uphills was hard it was so cool to ride in 40-50km/h on the flats and going almost 60km/h downhill just holding on so tight with a little sidewind. At the turnaround it all changed.

Headwind and it felt like uphill all the way back. Held way too much in the basebar and it went just slow. But while I’m not so good on the mental game it’s interesting how it is to count down, to keep focus and even when the back, my legs and everything feels like shit just to keep pushing.

I may not be fast or train much but racing is just cool and thinking aero in a stylish way. I found the finishline after 47min22sec and ended last but satisfied for my first race when thinking about it. Not much I’ve could have done better and great to try it for real instead of just watching it from a car or on a tv.

Great atmosphere afterwards too with some chitchatting with people I know more or less, everyone are friends and kind.

Emil Rosenberg who i got lift from on the way home got 3rd:


and Susan who invited me for dinner this evening got 2nd on her first Time Trial in Women Elite:


Back in Stockholm I changed my mind to go by train home and took the mtb up Hammarby Hill towards Le Mond:


Not my best climb what I felt but got a PR 😀 S-Works doping 😉

If you’re interesting in my race, it’s all here: Strava

Le Peloton #60


You know when you are a family. When you can tease, say ironic things but in the end care a lot about the others? When the most important thing is to eat breakfast together?

Le Peloton CX has become such a family. We can ride so fast the others can’t keep up, we can joke, we can be mean and feel that the others got to do some work too. But the small group is just awesome. The attacks by Calle, the pro Sara, the colourful Christian, the strong Magnus and me. Today in company by our own Patrik.

Breakfast with ”dad” Kalle:


Le Peloton is too early, too hard but it’s so worth it as the weeks hardest training and most deserved breakfast. And it’s a perfect place to grow as a cyclist with such great members.

Even in wet which made me use my rain jacket and what can be the worlds best bibs, Café du Cycliste Jeanne:


My water repellent fleece lined bibs fits like a glove but better and keeping me dry and warm in worst conditions.

The new light I tried was great but took a bit of time to get to know the buttons and functions. Great way to lighten up the darkness.

Map and stats: Strava

Le Snooze Birthday party

I’m feeling really blessed to be able to ride with with so many good friends 🙂 Earlier I did Le Peloton on fridays too but now I have the chance to sleep a bit extra and ride with other shopworkers, a group called Enduromorning and I have called the ride Le Snooze. Today I met Patrik and the Kangas brothers at Hammarbyhill at 7.45 for a Le Peloton CXloop ride in fikatempo. Not all out…

We didn’t go as fast as last Friday, the ground was a bit more wet and stickier than last week. So 1h5min instead of 1h3min. And some fast riding as usual when riding with the young guns that can descend and turn fast.

Back on asphalt we met up with 3 more riders who did ”wrong” and rode mtb.

DSC_0054 DSC_0055

6 Specialized, 1 Kona 😉 As Oliwer had birthday we celebrated at the best café in Hammarby Sjöstad, Vivels 😀


Not doing so much advertisement for other shops 😉

Map and stats: Strava

Ending with a picture of todays outfit 😉 Thought my thin longsleeve jersey from Café du Cycliste should be to cold today but it was perfect, love the windproof front and merino wool 🙂


Le Peloton #52

Today I got the question of how long Le Peloton is riding, when the end of the season is. There is no end, just next ride.

But it differs in weather, in which riders that are coming and how many. Today we where around 15 (everyone not in the picture)


3 different groups, one fast, one not so fast and one CXgroup. I went with the not so fast group and had a good ride with a couple of hard times 😉 blaiming Christian in the middle of the picture in pink POChelmet of it 😉 But had fun and that was the purpose

Then I got breakfast:


With awesome people:


Then people seemed to have got jobs and things so everyone left early, and me too.

Map and stats: Strava

Ended up servicing my Candy pedals, like the way you can change the internals easy and get the feeling of a new pedal


Le Peloton #46

12° C, raining and windy this morning. Was both road and CX Peloton, 2-3 it ended and loss of people? Where are all cyclists?

We where 1 fast guy, 1 girl, 1 guy to keep it all together, 1 motivated stylish guy and then there was 1 more.

2 pictures so it looks like we where more 😉

Me, Niklas and Rasmus rode the CX loop. I got dropped quiet early and rode in the rain alone, was hard, miserable and I was really happy to have my Café du Cycliste Jeanne rainbibs and POC rainjacket today 🙂 Was so wet my front light died.

Afterwards we had breakfast at an empty Le Mond. People doesn’t understand that when it’s this miserable the breakfast tastes better and the warmth feels so good 😀 But didn’t got any good picture with water on the lens:

When riding CX on gravelroads in rain things doesn’t get so clean. This is how my legs looked when I came to work:

Map and stats of my not so fast ride: Strava

Le Peloton #36

and the last ride in Stockholm for a while. Tomorrow I start my first vacation week this summer 🙂

An easy week in training occasions this week but hard ones. Today it was time for new Peloton ride:

No ambassador there today so I said something before we started riding in 2 groups. Was around 8 riders in the first group after Fisksätra with 2 that mostly did the job. Not including me even if I tried a couple of times. Got dropped together with 3 others up to Hellas but a strong guy chased back with the rest of us hanging on his wheel. Felt really hard the small ups and downs to Älta and in the last up just before Älta I had to make an effort to hang on. Sprinted with already high heart rate and then I was cooked. Just fell through and the others rode away 😦

Took the shortcut in Älta again and rode alone back to Le Mond:

And last breakfast before Le Mond closes for a short summer break:

Hard riding and good breakfast. Could have been worse 😉 The new thing was that I wasn’t sure about the weather so had my rain jacket in my backpocket. Took it on for the ride from Le Mond to work, where I always freeze. Except today, warm and felt good 🙂

Map and stats until Le Mond: Strava

Now time for some packing as I’m going on vacation after work tomorrow 🙂 A week at my dad with some cycling and hopefully a lot of sun (just a dream). 🙂

The solution when it should rain: POC AVIP Rain Jacket

When having good gear there isn’t any bad weather. Would have dropped many rides this year if I didn’t have had my Café du Cycliste Jeanne rain bibs.

Was freezing in Ronde van Vlaanderen because of the cold rain. Have been all wet at a couple of Le Peloton rides.

Now it’s over. Got a rainjacket worth it’s name in a colour that will make my dad smile. The winner after a hard comparsion. POC AVIP Rain Jacket:

It’s is so good against rain that it just helped having it with me to and from work today 😀 Simple but awesome design and not boring black like most bike jackets are.

Le Peloton #32 and Tim Johnson

Today was a hard morning. First to Saltsjö-Duvnes it was a gap to the small first group and I tried to close it but didn’t work, 2 passed me and one guy was trying to close it. No one helped him. Hard without closing before Fisksätra after the sprint.

Then on the way back I was in front a short time. Got dropped after sitting to far behind up Ektorp. We caught the first group at a redlight before Nacka Forum. Then I sat in a good position through Sickla and felt ok up Hellas. Went into the front once again for a short bit but had a hard time afterwards hanging on. After Älta up Lindalen I got dropped big time, was cooked and alone. Rode the rest by myself to Le Mond to rescue the day with a good breakfast.

CK Valhall skinsuit today trying to save some energy (that I didn’t have):

Map and stats: Movescount

If you instead of reading about me suffering want to see USA’s coolest cyclocrossrider going all over, watch the latest episode of Cannondale Slate advert:

Saturday ride (with sun)

New day, new people and new roads. Adding a bit of sun and you’ll get a good start of a ”summer” saturday. Rode a lap north of Mullsjö today up to Hökensås with Anders:

Sporting POC club kit 🙂

Felt like I had a bit heavy legs but it may come from my front brake too. It’s been touching the rim as it had to have the wire in perfect position. Can’t really recommend KCNCbrakes to anyone. But really like the Sram Red 22 levers working with them on the Caad10 🙂

76,76km today and another nice ride to the account.

Map and stats if still don’t follow me on Strava: Movescount

Le Peloton #30 and the elite

I really like Le Peloton. To be able to go as hard as you can on training and to meet great people and being social.

Many fast riders today:

The thing is you can be dropped just thinking of it so important to not think about it. Today up Ektorp and then up Hellas it felt pretty good and I didn’t even think about dropping. Up the hill at Lindalen after Älta stayed at around same place and hanged on even after the top. Then it was a guy 4-5 guys in front of me who dropped. A couple of guys chased and it worked out. Through the 2 roundabouts and then it was just full sprint. Usually it’s easy to give up there, but I gave more and managed to get back to a wheel.

On the Flatenroad it felt good too and sat in a good position into Skarpnäck. Had a problem with a bus that stopped the peloton a bit so it was hard afterwards. Out on the long last straight I was far back but found Emile’s wheel and he is fast. Hanged on the wheel without even thinking about anything except keeping it. Tried to sprint before the sign but couldn’t give more.

Super hard morning but my mind starts to not think about giving up. 🙂 All for a great breakfast at Le Mond:

Today with company of the fast PRO Sara Penton:

And yes, my glasses is cool. Love Oakley Jawbreaker on road, so big view 🙂

7th best time on Le Peloton unofficial 2015 route today total with an average of over 40km/h 😀 Super happy seeing PR on Strava and high speeds.

A picture from Le Peloton on Facebook:

So happy my bike got new brake wires, hoods and bar tape 🙂

And after a day at work it was time to ride again. We at Specialized Concept Store Stockholm where invited to ride with CK Valhall’s elite team together with the others who sponsor the team. A soft evening ride out to Älgö with some sprints and with a bit of rain in the end 😦 Knowing I got a bit left until I’m fast for real 😉

A blurry picture from that until I found the good ones: