Le Peloton #67

It all started like this:


Powder! Came a lot of snow, but a lot of air in it so easy to ride in. Was super fun. Not so many at Urban Deli today as on Wednesday but there were riders:


Magnus and Jesper came after the picture was taken. Magnus and I took the lead, me on tubulars and him on studded tires. Took it a bit easy sometimes to wait for him but rode mostly together until Erstaviksvägen where we turned around. Hard to go so fast when it’s so much snow.

Back to bikecafé Le Mond for a nice breakfast


Got company by 5 more guys a bit later which was nice, and good for the café 😉

A nice little picture of the 22-speed bikes:


A nice start of the day and let’s hope the snow stays fluffy and not get to slushy and bad now. So we can keep on riding and enjoying the beautiful winter landscape.

Map and stats: Strava