I <3 cycling

Except the way from work yesterday today was the test of my new roadbike:


Maybe the cleanest bike I’ve built for myself, Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc with the name: Pink Spur. 28mm Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite tires on to skip punctures in the spring 🙂

It’s the first bike I’ve built, set up and went out riding without fixing a single thing on, the seat position feels just right from the start 😀

Today I met up with a great group of people from Bikecafé Le Mond to ride to Ösmo and back. The spring ride where people are different and where people attacks, wait and attack again, just pure fun magic. Looked like this on the road down:

And a picture from Adam:


Where some parts we went full speed and it was fun even though I’m not the fastest or the strongest. But I rode on my dreambike and it felt good 🙂 And quiet, strange to change from a noisy Tune Kong hub to a quiet Roval CLX40.

Had a great fika at Ösmo with panncakes for me, picture by Kalle:


Usually half of the group take the train home from there but today everyone rode 😀

Heavy legs in the end but all in all a great ride. And my Tarmac worked flawless. Didn’t make so much notice and felt smooth but when I attacked it responded great and the wheels may not be super in any way but they are just what you want when you want all 🙂 The quality feel was there so I look forward to many many kilometers on this bike 😀

Map and stats: Strava

THE bike: Project16

Like a child at Christmas everytime it happens. My new roadbike is almost finished, finished enough to be showed, finished enough to have been testridden and finished enough to make the wait for spring way too long…


Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc

Specialized S-Works Shallow 400mm handlebar

Specialized S-Works Toupe 143 saddle

Specialized S-Works S-Works 172,5mm crankset

Specialized S-Works Rib Cage II bottle cage

Sram Force 1 hydraulic disc brakes

Sram Force 1 rear derailleur

Sram Force 1 50t chainring

Engage Revit 27,2x310mm seatpost

Engage Torque 90mm stem

Sram Red22 11-25 cassette

Sram Red22 chain

Cannondale Si expander/topcap

Fi’zi:k Superlight 2mm bartape

Mavic Ksyrium SLR pedals

Roval Rapide CLX 40 disc tubular wheelset

Sram HSX 140mm rotors

Tune Q20/DC17 Quickreleases

Vittoria Corsa CX/SC tubulars

Weight: 6,46kg (without tubular glue)

Not as much colour as last year, not as many gears, not as high wheels, not as light. But the target was a faster, cleaner, simpler but made to go further and be more comfortable than the Allez. I love the future with disc brakes and after many thoughts and non understanding it felt like 1×11 drivetrain was the way to go for me when I live here in flat Stockholm.

As usual every bit on the bike has a thought behind. So let’s spread the joy and wait for spring 😀

S-Works 5 vs S-Works Sub 6

But first: Thalita De Jong is the new CX World Champion!

Had in mind of writing something different today but I got good friends that I wanted to spend time with so will do it tomorrow or monday. Instead a comparsion. Last year I got a pair of Specialized S-Works shoes, so good many pros not even sponsored by Specialized uses them. With green insoles and Time Xpresso cleats:


They were 38g lighter than my old Mavic Zxellium Ultimate shoes. Now 2016 with me who likes to look fast my new shoes got up on the scale, complete with green insoles like my last shoes and with a pair of new Time Xpresso cleats:


65g saved of rotating weight 😀 Looking forward to spring more and more (and thinking of a simpler pair of shoes for bad weather)

Project 16 continues

Got the first and last package with parts yesterday. Shorter valve extenders, pedals and a lighter QR for my rear wheel.

Sure, Specializeds QR are good but light aren’t they:


Changed for a Tune DC17, great lightweight QR:


The pedals I thought of getting a pair of Time Xpresso 8 like I have on my Allez or 10 but changed my mind as I’m trying to get under 6,5kg (which will fail) so wanted a pair of Xpresso 12. Only available in black and red which won’t suit my bike I found Mavic Zxellium SLR Ti pedals which are the same as Time Xpresso 12 but with different logo and all black. Seems great and really like the Time function. Here with a couple of pedalshims which I use after the BGfit I did last winter:


Everything counts

When people talk about loosing weight on a bike many say that 5g isn’t much, better to look at the big weights. But how many wants to change their frame for a Crumpton or Spin? Or how many wants to spend 3000€ on a wheelset that isn’t aero?

I like to save on the small parts to save big. Every gram counts.

Like a crank spider for example for my S-Works crankset. A regular in alu weights 61g:


But changing for an older (the news got a lot more material) carbon spider saves a bit, like 16g:


16g that you don’t think about or notice but it’s still there and it just makes the bike lighter, not worse in any way. 🙂

So right arm before:


And after:


More about my weighsaving on Project16 tomorrow 😀

the build moves on, Project16


Specialized’s carbon Rib Cage was 18g last year, the new S-Works Rib Cage was said to be 20g. It wasn’t so still 18g 😀

I was calculating 496g for a Sram Red22 crankset with a 50T X-Sync chainring and chainring bolts. Saved some money and took my S-Works crankset from my Diverge instead, supposed to be around 15g heavier but I misscalculated:


Really cool with a single 50t chainring. Will change the chainringbolts before I’m finished.

And the said thing with building with a single chainring is that you need a long chain to work with a big cassette. Only shortened it one link instead of the usual 3. Sram Red22 chain:


So the build moves on:


Engage by AX-Lightness

Sometimes I save some money on bike parts and buy cheaper things. I would have dreamt about a seatpost and stem from AX-Lightness which is my favourite weightweenie brand but it’s too expensive for me. But with same research at a bit lower price I got Engage which was AX-Lightness Asienproduced brand. It’s not existing anymore but still it’s possible to find some parts. Like a Torque stem:


90mm and it came with lighter bolts 🙂

Mounted it together with my new expander. On my Allez I use an Extralite Ultrastar expander and Extralite topcap, probably the lightest combo but it also costs a bit and the top cap isn’t the best looking. So for 2016 I’m using the genius Cannondale expander which is pretty light to be as good as it is 😀


28g lighter than the original one. Great weight saving.

Mounted and set up together with my Engage Revit seatpost from my Allez:


(will change the tires) and will cut the fork a little more as I now know how to set up the bike.

Biggest question is, should I use Specialized S-Works bottle cages or is there something lighter and as good as them? Black or White cages?

Keep the weight down, lighter crankset

My plans for 2016 is a supermodern classic roadbike. No electronics but otherwise with the latest technology like Sram Force 1 groupset:

As you see on the picture the bike (not mine) doesn’t have a Sram Force 1 crankset. My first thought was a Force 1 crankset but it’s pretty heavy. 2nd thought was a Specialized S-Works crankset. 3rd thought is lighter and cheaper (not as stiff as S-Works).

Like the picture shows except I will go for BB30 of course. A Sram Red22 crankset with a Force 1 chainring.

A Sram Red crankset:

And taking of the chainrings:


Compared with an S-works:

Or why not a Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL that also is in the same league:

Impressed by Sram 😀