AX-Lightness Oversize handlebars

When I thought about Schmolke handlebar I had to check AX-Lightness for news. And what great news they missed to tell us.

They are making Hera and Poseidon handlebar for 31,8mm Oversize too and not just for 25,4. They are showing me parts that I have to have. After I got a Europa seatpost I’m sold to AX-Lightness. Lightweight with qualityfeel.


Hera that you can’t use barends on is in UD just, weight between 70 and 100g, width between 560 and 720mm

Poseidon that is barend compatible is in 3K, UD or Spiky look, weight between 75 and 110g, width between 560 and 720g and is available in two different angles, 6° and 8°.

Both are for a rider max 85kg.

Price: 269€ or 259€