Fox vs. Rock Shox

MTB gets bigger and heavier, more travel, more gears with a single chainring, levers for everything. Rock Shox came with their RS-1 which is heavier than a SID but they said it would be better…

This year Rock Shox came with a new SID, with Chargerdamper and at superlow 1366g for a regular RLC:


Looks like a Rock Shox fork, but is improved in every way and seems like the perfect weightweenie fork when you want damping that works.

Fox did the same, they improved. I’m more impressed over that as Fox never been as light as SID. Their new 32 SC(Step Cast):


Both brands cut of material on the lower legs but you see the difference more on the Fox as they also decreased the width. Both cut of the innerlegs a bit and made it to 100mm only, no 120mm and such AMstyle, pure XC.

1380g incl axle for the Fox according to R2:


The big question is:

Which one should I get for my weightweenie XC project for 2017?

the sad truth about weightweenies

Many years ago when people rode alu- and steelbikes weightweenies used to drill holes in parts to save weight. Always the easiest and cheapest way to save weight.

Then when modern carbon fibre frames and parts came weightweenies changed parts for carbon, tuning things like derailleurs with dremel and new carbon parts and alu screws. A rear derailleur at 130g and brands like Extralite, Tune, b-t-p, Carbon-Ti, Schmolke and THM Carbones was the thing. AX-Lightness and MCFK came and pushed it further with really light carbon parts and frames.

Then we came to now. When people buying a Tarmac, SuperSIX Evo, R5 or a Colnago C59/60 with Enve wheels, Sram Red groupset but with Clavicula crank and Praxis (!) chainrings. Enve stem, seatpost and bar, or 3T. It all results in a 6kg bike and they call them self Weightweenies. Without change of a single screw or even touched a dremel.

Team Sky talks about this:


What happened to that in cycling. Why are people on Weightweenies using heavy Praxis (I know they are good but anyway) chainrings when Extralite, Carbon-Ti or Tune is so much lighter? Why aren’t people putting a dremel in their Dura-Ace 9000 or Sram Red22 rear derailleur, or even changing pulleys? Why aren’t Extralite bigger and people using Tune U20 QR? Why are people talking about clinchers? Can people even spell to Schmolke?

Eurobike #3, by R2bike

Bike ahead rims:

Acros Nineteen finally comes, I talked with Acros about them last year at Eurobike. Can be compared to DT 240 in function and Tune King/Kong in weight:

A Wireless dropped post from Magura called Vyron:

Superlight full suspension by Merida and german:A

New wheels from Bike Ahead, Biturbo RS:

860g AX-Lightness Vial Evo XC frame:

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Superlight AX and Pavé recon

If it should be light, it should be AX-Lightness I think. Making light parts that work and look good, specially their Vial Evo frame, like the clean design where they didn’t make it alla black. Now soon you can buy the lighter Vial Evo Ultra and here the AX-Lightness man himself Alex showing it for R2-Bike:

And a complete other thing where you don’t want the lightest parts but parts that keep together and add as much comfort as possible. Paris-Roubaix tomorrow. And Cannondale-Garmin did a recon. Here with my friend Kristoffer Skjerping in focus:

If you want to see more about the cool bike Cannondale-Garmin is trying to beet Etixx-Quick Step with you can find one here: Velonews

todays summary

Last stage and video from the 4 stage MTB Lanzarote race:

Map and stats from my ride this morning: Movescount

And a picture of me riding in the Velodrome in Falun. Early stage 😉

1495377_10152771476732968_7150453132186407703_oEnding with a cool dropper post. Marzocchi developing one with their Espresso coating. Clean looking dropper:

new year, new package from the best

The start of a new era coming with a packaged from the best webshop, R2-bike

Effetto Mariposa Carbomove to try and fix my cyclocross

Tuneparts for a couple of friends,

Formula brake hosing for my new mtb,

Absolute Black spiderless XX1 style chainring for my loved Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL crankset.

And the most important, Haribo Goldbären to get healthy from my cold:

The size of chainring for my biggest and hopefully best bike is same as last year. 34T:

Finally the Goldbären is here


Slow post service, customs and finally a not working computer system made me wait a long time for this small bag of candy.

With the candy bag I got my first Tune Schraubwürger seatclamp out of 4 that isn’t blue, strange. Got another Tune top cap and also a Gum Gum expander, we’ll see if it’s better than Extralites Ultrastar I got on my roadbike.

Most important was the MCFK steerer tube so now I can finish my mtb building 😀

Ordered a SKS Aircon 6 floorpump too, a pump that is supposed to pump a lot of air at every stroke and with a gauge made for mtb. Max pressure 6bar so no roadpump this. Tried it on a roadtire. From 2 bar it took one stroke to get it up to 4,3bar with my 22mm FMB tires 😉 Let’s hope I can stans tires with this too, that’s what I’m looking forward too be able to do without compressor.

Aiming to finish my mtb on saturday. Because first my dad, his wife and my grandmother and grandfather is coming and visit me 😀 Good life with good people.