Meeusen is the king of Nommay!

One of the best CXraces I’ve seen today. Last World Cup in Nommay and the action was just magic. Philip Walsleben, Francis Mourey and Tom Meeusen.  Meeusen seemed to have been ridden to hard and faded in the middle but came back to the french-german war ;). Last lap was attacking and riding tighter than shoulders against shoulders made it so interesting. Thought Walsleben should win as he seemed fastest but Mourey had best crowd at his home race and attacked in the end.

But Meeusen showed how to sprint and won the sprint against Mourey. If you didn’t saw this you got to see the replay later on



And podium. 1 Tom Meeusen, 2 Francis Mourey and 3 Philip Walsleben:



Lars van der Haar ended 4th and won the complete World Cup 2013/2014, well done by the young gun.

In the womens race Marianne Vos showed that she knows how she works and take advantage of it. She won while Katie Compton had to step off when she got a astma attack. 2nd Helen Wyman and 3rd to Eva Lechner.

All up to a very interesting World Championship next weekend in Hoogerheide.

Strange racing and strange part

World Champion first, or if what sport now this is. In the Netherlands they got this windy flat straight races, beachraces. MTB on a beach. Marianne Vos got a Giant 29er for it with a midge bar mounted on it, don’t know what to say. What do you think?

And then for people who in some strange way converted from a Lefty fork to a normal with 9mm QR or bought a Lefty wheelset without having on. Then there is an adapter:

If you want to know more about it or even buy it you can do it here: Tarreglolabici

Boels Cyclocross live x2

The Netherlands, the country that is trying to bring women cycling to us, specially CX. Many good riders and today, a ”small” CXrace in Heerlen are livestreamed. Stream starts at 13.30 CET, women start 13.45 and men 15.00. Unfortunately no Marianne Vos as she got the flu after being in Barcelona training like this:



Link for CXstream here: Sports-Livez