Le Peloton #68


My last peloton before Christmas was better than today. Awesome people today with Christer, Magnus, Niklas and Rasmus but the conditions was idiotic. Slushy snow that had frozen and some new snow on top of that, not made for a cyclocross with narrow tires. Today my Diverge wasn’t optimal, nor was me. The others disappeared and fought my way to the road to Älta. When I got there after some walking and some trying to ride I took the cycle path back to Stockholm. Rasmus was the only one who didn’t ride the cycle path on the way back, and he was on a mtb.

Map and stats: Strava

Magnus filmed the start (I’m far behind)

Lanterne Rouge with Power and Stix

Cycling after work yesterday with a great bunch of friends going hard, and not so hard. Felt better yesterday than usual as I didn’t ride hard this morning and while not being in such shape as Emil it felt good. And I got a bad picture of me, Emil and Isa a.k.a Team Le Mond:

here a picture from Jimmie of us in front:

It was pure fun and while not feeling that I had any power in my legs Strava showed others. My plan to get my own KOM and not share it with some others up Skurubacken felt like a mistake. Planned how to ride, when to press and which gear I should use to not change gear more than needed and loose time. I had to gear down one time too much as my legs stiffened when the climb got steeper.

But still got the KOM and a PR by 2sec 🙂 My Allez is fast.

First Lanterne Rouge with the talk and show of lights too:

I borrowed a Specialized Stix Comp headlight from work. It’s small, waterproof and chargeable through USB, awesome light:

Also trying Specialized Power saddle a bit, CX before and now on my Allez. Feels much better then I first thought. Looks short and it is but you don’t think about on a roadbike:

Map and stats if you want to give me kudos 🙂 Strava