let’s dream

The winter is a great time to dream. Dream about warm days riding bikes in cool places. Riding like there was no end and no road is too far or too bad. Explore the beautiful world we live in together. Without dreams it will be hard to train, hard to be motivated and boring. We need to dream, bigger, further, better, new.

Riding in rain, getting cold, when it’s snowing, riding as hard as you can and go beyond. Everything is worth it if you have a dream. A goal to reach. Maybe it’s unreachable but maybe you will get closer to it. And if you try there is a chance to get there.

If you don’t try, you will never reach the dream.

Give it a try!

A bike built on a dream to reach further is Cannondale Slate, they went all the way:


My Diverge is more for me but this bike is pushing the limits.

Let’s set the known behind a go discover the unknown in 2016, together and enjoy the beautiful world God created for us to ride in:

ladda ned