Sunday ride with smiles

When you wake up and hear the rain  and thinking of your new silk tires it’s not the best start. But when out on some dry roads with a couple of friends making jokes and in love with Campagnolo you can’t complain. From Boa we where Roger, Jørgen, Jarle and me riding towards Os and around Gullfjellet. In Os Jarle had to turn around to go to work so left where three riders all with Campagnolo. Roger with a new Canyon with Record EPS, Jørgen with Parlee with Record and me with a SuperSIX Evo with Super Record. Roger had some problems with his EPS that is soon to be solved and me and Jørgen complained on his electric bike with a smile. Wasn’t smiling when Roger put the pressure on us and showed that the engine worked, attacked up Gullfjellet and me and Jørgen was left in the grupetto.

Steady pace with 168-170 in heart rate up it felt pretty good with Jørgen on my wheel. 34-21/23 in gears so liked my compact crank. Then it flattens out before it goes up a small climb to the top. Was on 50-19 or something before the last part and instead of gearing down I tried my legs. 50-23 and standing and flying up. Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate is a sick wheelset that sat a new standard for me in stiffness. Jørgen lost my wheel and for the first time this year I was feeling that my muscles was working again 😀

Down on the other side to the stop eating a bun and drinking coke. Here is Roger at the stop with his new bike:



And a look at the view and weather the other way:



Going down to the fjord it was a bit colder and started to rain a bit again a little later. Was very wet in the end and when Roger sat the pace up in Eidsvåg I was hurting a lot, but survived all the way home with good memories. Sunshine rider in the wet today and now I know the thing you should know to reading this blog:

You can buy you fast!

People talking about that it’s all in your legs but not all true. With a light bike the climbs goes easier, with Campagnolo you got more love, with a stiff light wheelset you’re going faster (placebo place a big role here), with clothes that just is there and you don’t think about you can care about the riding. And it’s much more fun riding with green Hudz that normal black ones 😀

stats and a map from the ride: Movescount