Le Peloton #126 and Rapha Festive 500

Have been celebrating Christmas without a bike since last post and got a stupid thought. Maybe it’s possible to ride the 500km to complete Rapha Festive 500 from Tuesday to Saturday, in Sweden, while also working full time.

Christmas was really nice, got a good family 🙂 and sometimes it can be nice to not ride your bike for a little while. Get some distance.

Yesterday I rode to Ingarö in the morning and gravel with Patrik in the evening.

Today I started with Le Peloton cx as usual on a Wednesday:


Heavy legs after yesterday so got somewhere in the middle. Really hard pack so my Specialized Trigger 38mm tires rolled pretty fast anyway.

And as I’m in the best ”club” in Stockholm, Sumo Cycling who after some discussions we were 6 riders that left for Bullandö in the evening. Easy tempo Sumostyle means full speed as long as people last. I didn’t last so long so the tempo got down to a more normal winter tempo. Awesome with happy strong friends riding together and enjoying bikeriding even when the temperture drops to -9,5° C and every hand was cold.