Cannondale Scalpel Cerrol edition

Finished! Alright, I never finish a bike but now it’s rideable 😉 Special mounting of crankset this evening and then mounting pedals, chain and adjust the gears.


Does anyone have a good tip to get the front derailleur work perfect? Dura-Ace 7900 with FRM chainrings and Sram XX trigger. It touches a bit riding 27-32 at the moment to change gear good. Shouldn’t it be aligned straight or is something not compatible?

Bike complete:


When I said it’s not finished I’m waiting for a better spindle for the crank and in some days I get shorter bolts for my brakes.

8,4kg or 8415g. Will hang it on a scale tomorrow to not just think about the calculated weight.

Tuned Lefty, saved 133g

I had a Cannondale Lefty Speed XLR that came with my bike. 1393g including ti-bolts. Then I talked to Headshok-Willy (Larry in Europe) it was possible to change the outer leg to Carbon fibre to save weight. He could do it and after a couple of e-mails I sent my fork to the Netherlands. Then they screwed up and e-mailed wrong person so had to wait almost 3 weeks until they fixed it. But today I got it back 😀 Old leg:

New fork including new needle beerings and a full service. Maybe with Air tuning kit too, haven’t checked.

And then on my scale:

So dropped 133g and became better looking. 😀 Mounted on my nice bike that misses crankarms:

And a picture on the front:

After I mounted the crankarms that should come tomorrow the bike is under 7,3kg 😀 Maybe I should change the forkboot to a nicer one if I find and feels like I have to change rear derailleur. To use a long cage with double or single ring is a bit of a fail. But but, works for now.

Around Gullfjellet a bit lighter

Last time I rode around it my bike was over 10kg. 5,73kg today and as normal good company, today with Roger, Birgitte and Tom. Roger fixed some photos too.

The sad thing is that my bike wants to go fast and to attack everywhere, my legs have another will. Strange to handle the both. But really fun. Hollowgram, a good frame and stiff wheels is really nice. It happens things when you press the pedal and the only thing that stops you is your legs. People sometimes complain on Extralite stems are weak but my 110mm Ultrastem OC with a 40cm Zipp SL handlebar is really good combo. With my weight and power I don’t think that it flex. So got a real weightweenie bike with a lot of tuned parts but the only thing that isn’t perfect is the cassette. But it works and gearing down works flawless every time.

Two days ago when I woke up and went to work at 9 the sun was shining, yesterday it was a bit misty in the morning but got clear and nice pretty fast. Today when I was riding the weather was misty and a little cold when I left home and it haven’t been perfect spring weater until I came out of the shower after the ride 😉 Looked like this:

Felt a bit slow today but managed to get to Os and to the coffestop. An icecoffee and three norwegian raisinballs I had some more power left. Was decided to go up Fanafjellet and then a short but really nice climb before that. The short climb went pretty okey but my legs didn’t want to go up Fanafjellet. and 11min climb were you should have a compact crank, not 39-25 as lightest. Rode with 39-25 most of the time except two times. Started like this when I left the others:

Think I had 39-23 on that picture. Then I passed two other cyclists as it was many cyclists out today. One peloton with real amateurs that rode pretty fast with about 30 riders. Amateur like they have everything you can have like 2 big bottles, saddle bag, lights, fenders on a pair of bikes, many with Treks, everyone I think with clinchers ;), some with yellow jackets, some with teamjacket (like Sky and those kind of teams) and some with camelbak. Probably many with gps and computers too 😉

After waiting some seconds for the others (not so many) we went down and thought of home and good food more than before. Impressed by my Ciamillo Negative Gravity GSLbrakes and Swissstop brake pads. A really nice ride even thou I didn’t have so powerful legs like Roger, aerobike like Birgitte or fast in the downhills like Tom. But I had good friends, a wonderful landscape and no rain 😀 4h42min for me with a high 154 in average heart rate.

And ending with me and Tom in profile. Nice bike and as many times, a really nice Jönköpings CKkit 🙂

Ready to ride

Glued a couple of old Tufotires on my road bike yesterday to use it this weekend. 20g of glue fixed it (one pre glued rim and pre glued tires). Adjusted the gears and brakes a little today and will test it tomorrow to work and then a ride after work. 😀 So excited on how it is. Lightest road bike I’ve tried as the Evo Ultimate I have tried at work had heavy normal flat pedals. My bike:

Really bad picture with my phone in bad light, hard to get good light when you work until 20.00. So weight:


Will hang it on a scale at work tomorrow and photo it for you to prove it.

And ending with the funniest part thinking of the weight and that it is a alu frame. I got a Sram Rival front deraileur, not so light 😉

Better gearing than the old Red, same as Force but better priced and fitting black colour.

Giant XTC Advanced SL praktexempel

För er som har eller tänkt köpa en fin Giant men inte riktigt vet hur ni ska bygga ihop den så ska jag visa er hur det bör se ut när det blir klart. Extrasgrilli har verkligen lyckats och även sett till de små detaljerna.

Kan väl ställa mig lite tveksam till sadelval och XTR istället för Sram X.0 men det är smaksak. Det jag fastnade mest för är skivbromsadaptern till bakoket:

Har ni någon gång sett en snyggare adapter? Hela cykeln väger in på 7,62kg vilket är en bit under min även om jag kör med lättare däck.