5912g motivation a.k.a complete Ridley Helium

Missing two endcaps for the brake wires and will change the silver ones on gearwires for red. But except that it’s finished just like it should be. The plan was to build a classy bike with no special weightweenieparts. It didn’t went all perfect but I’m the one who I am 😉 So today my Engage Gavial brakes got their b-t-p brake shoes mounted:

IMAG0527 IMAG0525


182g for a pair of brakes instead of old Super Record at 286g. Will be even lighter when I’m changing brake pads from yellow Swiss Stop to Reynolds that seemed really good 🙂

The things on the bike that helps me prove I’m not just building light is my 256g Deda Newton shallow handlebar, that I changed to Rotor Q-Rings and have just a Chorus 12-25 cassette 😉



So now just waiting for my wound to heal so I can ride again, never wanted to ride a bike like now

Engage + b-t-p = nice brakes

Got some brakeshoes and pads today, but missing a pair of shims so only front brake that is complete yet. b-t-p brake shoes with yellow swiss stop (will be a bit lighter with Reynolds pads later):


b-t-p writes 44g for 2 pairs with yellow swiss stop, dreamweight? Anyway it’s light and looks pretty good mounted too even if I got bad light and not the best camera (a.k.a phone) or what do you say?



Will get a pair of end caps for the wire tomorrow, only had silver at home.

So for a pair of Engage Gavial it’s 184g which is 24g lighter than Ciamillo Negative Gravity GSL tuned which I thought of 😀 Thanks to good friends and R2-bike for the weightsaving of over 100g from Campagnolo Super Record 🙂

Engage from Germanys best candystore

Today I got my new brakes, the brakes I wanted as long as they have existed. Engage Gavial. Light and good looking, hopefully also very good working. And as always you get some light candy when ordering from R2-bike:

132g Engage says, 128g on my scale so happy 🙂

So skip KCNC, Ciamillo, Planet X and other cheap light brakes, these are so much better looking 🙂

new brakes, which ones?

Was talking with a friend in phone a while ago about brakes for his new bike. Did talk about som options like Negative Gravity, Gravitas and Engage Gavial. Had to check how much my brakes was, 284g I saw in my excel document. 284g isn’t light, not even close to light and I knew where I could save much weight. Found a wanted add on Weightweenies and got my brakes sold.

So now it’s not just my friend looking for a good and light brake, but me too

1st choice at the moment: Engage Gavial at 132g:

184 with shoes and pads. 317,5€ all included from R2-bike. Good weight, okey price and awesome look

2nd is Ciamillo Negative Gravity normal or GSL Tuned. A bit heavier but can find them a little cheaper too.

If I had endless of money I would have bought a pair of THM-Carbones Fibula as they as light, good and looks really good.

Anyone knows how good Engage Gavial is compared to Negative Gravity or is there brakes that is better and should get instead? Open for opinions but won’t buy EE Brakes as I think they are ugly no mather how good and light they are.

round is so 2012

When I bought my Campagnolo Super Record crankset I got these 34/50 chainrings with it:

Good shifting, okey weight and so but it’s not the best I think. So now after some rides they are for sale, send an e-mail to jonas@cerro.dk if you want to buy. Instead I got a little used set of 36/50 Rotor Q-Rings after trying it on my CX, a bit heavier:

But also a bit bigger small ring and you get the hole Q-Ring concept so you can get more power out of your pedal strokes. Will be nice. And with an old Super Record crankset it looks really good I think, or what do you say?

Will also change from 11-23 Record cassette to my 11-25 Chorus cassette. 36-23 is to heavy for me in this area but 36-25 will be perfect 🙂

The new crankset

Today it arrived, Sram XX1 BB30 😀 Ordered before the rest of the group and supposed to be in stock before to but but. Happy today:

With bearings and extra spacers to fit with my 68mm wide frame:

BB30 of course. Yes, it’s heavier than my Hollowgram but this is slimmer (q-factor 156) is just to fit and forget and awesome chainring. A fun thing I saw on my rear derailleur today too, the pulleywheels are like the chainring so different widths to fit perfect with the chain. The rear derailleur is hard to move by hand but with twisters it almost moves smoother than a Dura-ace. Looks like this now:

33g Shimano Yumeya housing. Saved 4g by cutting the wire so no problem to come under 8,3kg 😀

Deda Elemeniti Zero100, Newton and Trentacinque

Excuse me for not showing so many good pictures today but sold my phone earlier so don’t have anything to photo with except my webcam. Looks like this:

Deda Zero100 Servizio Course stem (110mm) with a Deda Newton Shallow (420mm) handlebar. Will get a white Deda perforated handlebartape tomorrow.

Also got a Deda Trentacinque stem (100mm) and Deda M35 Alloy (420mm) handlebar that will go on my Cannondale SuperX. Those in white.


Deda Zero100 110mm stem: 119g

Deda Newton Shallow 420mm handlebar: 256g

Deda Trentacinque (white))100mm stem: 122g

Deda M35 alloy (white) 420mm handlebar: 297g

New parts, different parts :)

Have been riding with a too light seatpost, Omniracer, on my CXbike that I changed today. Now a 51g heavier KCNC Ti Pro-Lite post that I will cut soon:


And then I also got maybe the most unnecessary part, A Fi’z:k rubberring for the seatpost, a yellow just for the fun of it 🙂 Also trying with a shorter stem, a heavy cheap BBB 100mm mounted now instead. Was 179g, mad weight. And thought my Tune Geiles Teil stem was 110mm, but it seems to be 120mm, not strange that I was thinking of a shorter one. Complete bike for tomorrow:


Should be 7kg ± some few grams now.

Also got some ti-bolts for my roadbike build, when going with little more original standardparts you got to save weight on other places. Then bolts are perfect. 3 ti-bolts instead of 3 steel-bolts on the ISP and here is the result with a 85g saddle:


Was 118g original so saved 16g 😀