never ending story: Helium wheelset?

Have Campagnolo Shamal on my mind for a while but started a thread on Weightweenies and asked about advice. Got some advices on handbuilt wheels with some different rims. Can be lighter and cheaper, but as good? Also took a look at Superlight Bikeparts on their wheelset with Ambrosio Crono F20 rims and Tune Mig70/Mag170 hubs and Sapim Laser spokes. 549€ and 1285g is both lighter and cheaper compared to 1425g and 662€ Shamal. They can also build it with Tune Mig45/Mag150 and Sapim Laser to get it even lighter and more aero. But then I thought again and maybe shouldn’t buy new wheels, just use my FFWD F2R like this:


Just get a Campagnolo body and some new tires for it. What do you think? If I’m just using this wheelset I can get a better/lighter crankset too. THM Carbones Clavicula M3 or is there any better at under 1000€?


How hard can it be to decide a wheelset for your bike? Very hard if you ask me. Should I get a pair of aluwheels like Campagnolo Shamal or Mavic Ksyrium SR, or R-Sys like this:


Or carbon fibre high profile like Campagnolo Bora or Fulcrum Racing Speed:


A little bit lower at 38mm for cheaper FFWD F4R:


Or maybe a Tune Schwarzbrenner 38t that we have at work:


Or AX-Lightness 42mm, or low profile carbon fibre like AX-Lightness 24, Campagnolo Hyperon?

Fork is cutted as you can see on last picture today, almost 9cm shorter and 31g lighter. Also cut the seatmast. Frame at 957g and fork at 363g now.

But what do you say about wheelset? Give me your comments about wheelset or just how high or material I should have. The only thing I’m sure about is that I will get tubulars and not any Lightweight.

1 bike, 1 vision, 1 dream

This evening I sold my Caad10. Yesterday or some day before I started to sell my Flash frame, why have a bike when you don’t use it and want another one?

And now starts the vision for next bike, I have a plan and had a plan and dream that always is changed. I will probably always change dreams for bikes but getting closer and closer to what I want, need and love to ride.

First I got to have a light bike, something to save weight on and try cool things. Like my SuperX that is pretty light with nice light parts.

Then I need a bike to love, a bike that maybe not is the best but if you ask me it’s best. A bike I would love to ride for an hour in hail or just travelling to new places on really long rides in the summer sun. A bike that suits me and that I don’t have to think about if something is to fragile or won’t work. That’s the bike I’m soon will be building.

Starting with a good frame, classy but not extreme in any way.

Continuing with a great seat that suits me, Tune Komm-Vor+ (I know it’s light but can’t change that good part).

A group, complete with quality and will look good, feel good and breath good, Campagnolo Record. Not the most expensive group but got all the best things I like.

And you need a good pair of tires that will hold up, give you great comfort and make you happy a long time, like FMB Competition CX or Challenge Criterium Seta Extra. Comfy, fast and good.

Pedals you like like Time RXS that I really like. But thinking of upgrading to Time ICLIC2 Titan Carbon, but we’ll see.

Then the hard part, handlebar. Don’t know yet but Cinelli Ram2 VRC is close.

And the part that can change all the bike. Wheels. Alu, carbon, clincher (why?), tubular, ust, stans, high, low, enormous. Have to know what you want out of the wheels. It’s never wrong with a pair of Campagnolo Record hubs laced to a pair of Ambrosio Nemesis or Crono F20 with DT Competition spokes for training or a Zipp 404 Firecrest for racing. But is those good wheels the thing you/I like or wants something special with special features. Like a AX-Lightness 24mm that is really light. Or a good workhorse like Mavic Ksyrium SL or more exotic but same gorgeous Campagnolo Shamal with hubs like this:

I want a good pair of quality tubular wheels but still haven’t decided to go for something like Mad Fiber or Shamal Ultra. The thing I decided is that I want high quality tubulars that I can ride always so don’t want to have more then 1 set of wheels for the bike and change depending on ride/weather/mood.

Do you have dream like this, an everyday classy bike that you don’t have at the moment?