I had a Pike



This how it looked when we came back to the cars today.

Joachim and Erik should go to Kongsberg and as I had a Trek Slash 7 standing here I joined, demo bike from Veloshop. And what a bike.

14kg bike is a bit, over 5,5kg more than my Grammo so it was hard pushing it uphill half day 😉 But the function, climbing over roots and rocks like I wake up when I hear the word: ice-cream. On ”flat” singletrack it was really fun to and you can push as hard as your body allows, the bike just like it more and more. But sometimes it’s nice with a break:


Then it went down. First part wasn’t so technical except turns and a bit of mud. Not so happy about walking so far for that. But then after walking up a bit we found THE singletrack. Best singletrack for a long time and sometimes really technical, my Pike fork saved me and made me go faster as I didn’t have to worry about what’s under me. We were all smiles and Woho-ing there. In the end Joachim took this photo of me:

kongsberg slash

A bit funny riding a 19,5″ Trek Slash 7, should be way to big but with 40mm stem it feels spot on in length. Funniest Trek mtb I’ve tried so far.

Got some more super singletracks too. Walking back up one, really steep in a part with rocks and things but no problems to ride 🙂

Super day and really want a Pike on my next trailbike 😉 But is there any more suited bike for me than a Slash?

Map and stats: Movescount