Scale: Ohad vs Nino Edition

Scott Scale can look a bit different, this 7,55kg bike from Ohad in Israel spread by Eliflap for example is a bit Cannondale stylish:

Or you could get your own Scale 700 RC Nino Edition from R2-bike. Showed here:

only me who thinks it’s a bit odd to include a stem with a frameset?

60mm 980g Leaf spring fork

From Iceland we soon can get this pretty non standard fork. 60mm suspension with 12 carbon blades:

Lighter than a normal fork so maybe the solution for everyone getting a stiff fork for their carbon 29er for gravel marathons.

The brand is Lauf Forks and you can see how it works on this video:

And read more about it here: Bikerumor

Pretty cool and fun to see people thinking new and make it real instead of just an idea.

Norco 650b

Many brands coming with 650b all mountain bikes with around 150mm travel. Like Rocky Mountain Altitude and this Norco Sight carbon with 140mm:

Cool thing with this is that it talks about a XX1frame without front derailleur moutns, serious. Then the category I think is missing and dreaming of Cannondale to find. 120-130mm like the Norco Fluid alu with 120mm:

Think a Cannondale Trigger with 650b, 120/70mm travel rear and 130 in front. Just good speced because at the moment even the Trigger Carbon 2 makes me want to have a Trigger. But it says that it’s too tight for 650b so went with a Liteville 301.

But back to Norco. The go all the way and wants to beat Scott Scale 710 with a Norco Revolver, just shot them all down from the podium?

Sub 1000g hardtail frame. Seems pretty nice. More about them here: Bikerumor


Bundesliga Bad Salzdetfurth

Some never getting tired of being on top. In mens mtbracing we have Nino Schurter, womens Julie Bresset. But if we look a little under there is up and coming cyclists. Alexandra Engen got 6th at the olympics, 11th at world XCO and then the winning started. Won the Worlds Eliminator race, second last Bundesliga Eliminator yesterday with her teammate Katrin Leumann winning:

So after celebrating yesterday Alexandra topped it today. Won the last Bundsliga XCO and also won the complete Cup, that’s how it should be done :D. Race until the season ends.

1. Alexandra Engen – Ghost Factory Racing Team

2. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå – Merida Multivan Biking Team

3. Irina Kalentieva – Topeak-Ergon

4. Lisi Osl – Ghost Factory Racing Team

Men is racing now with Fabian Giger in the lead.

Formula släpper nytt

Formula som nu bara tillverkar bromsar verkar ha tänkt längre. Presenterade lite på Sea Otter. Bland annat kommer de med hjul:

Hjulen väger 1335g med Scandiumfälgar och 24 ekrar fram som bak. 750g bak och 585g för fram. Stod ett par tubfälgar på 220g i båset med, de hoppas jag de kommer bygga hjul av och sälja till bra pris. Fler tubhjul till marknaden.

Det som kanske är ännu mer spännande än hjul är deras framgaffel. 80 eller 100mm på 1350g. Även i 115mm men lär vara lite tyngre. Lock-out och returjustering som de flesta gafflar. Rätt fin och hoppas den blir prisvärd och bra.

För lite mer information om deras nya bromsar och så kolla in Pinkbike.