Giant Cup #4 and Ratto

Today I’ve been and racing. On a course that is natural and was the best course I’ve ridden in a long time 😀 Think green forest on brown dirt singletrack with some rocks, a lot of roots and short but pretty steep climbs and downhills. Add a lot of rain so it get’s really muddy and you have it. Some gravel roads to but perfect amount. Strava segment here: Giant Cup Nanset

Start and finish area: IMG_20140508_180139


Had some small problems with my rear wheel today too and got loose on the second last lap so had to stop. Have to check that on monday after coming home from what hopefully will be a super weekend with Team Joker.

Except that trouble the bike is just amazing. When I moved to Bergen I was just thinking full suspension but for XC hardtail is better for me. 27,5″ is the perfect size so it’s easy to get around turn, lift over things and so on. I’m in charge of the bike, not opposite. The Lefty is a super fork, nothing to add there. Was a guy on the startline with a Scott Spark 29 that said never more hardtail. I think a hardtail is so much simpler and if you want to sprint you don’t have to lock something or to much weight to move. With a set of good big tires you can ride really fast too.

Have learned a lot after riding AM, can ride down steeper things, try to get up hard things and believe so much more in myself. Great training and it’s not strange that Enduro is getting so big.

The race ended like this:


Dirty, tired and after I first thought of what I was doing there in the end of first lap I was pretty satisfied in the end. Passed 3 guys on the last lap too, made my confidence go up 🙂

But my shape isn’t good enough for riding in Men Elite, ended 8th out of 8. The three guys I passed rode in other classes. Map and stats: Movescount

Let’s aim for a better performance next thursday and better weather 😀 Love racing even when I’m not so fast.

One who is fast and really impressed today in U.K. Friend’s Life Women’s Tour is Rossella Ratto. Yesterday she tried with an attack but got caught up. Today she tried again, and won! Not just won the stage but also took the leaders jersey (great for her but said for the fourth standing Emma Johansson). First time on the podium as a stage winner: