End of season SALE

Never been riding as much in a year as this year. Seen so many beautiful places and met so many nice people. Never been more happy with my tanlines and never had better bikes/components. But the season came to an end and now I will rest for a couple of weeks and recharge, want to enjoy cycling for many many more years.

I also looking forward to new stuff, new places and new parts. So here’s your opportunity to help me sell this years great parts and help me get some money for new stuff.


first up, the worlds best road shoes, Specialized S-Works 6 in size 42:


Price: 1200SEK (3599kr)

Continuing on shoes. A pair of Fi’zi:k R3b Uomo which was supposed to be a pair of spareshoes before I got the ones above, very little use. in size 41,5:


Price: 600SEK (2499kr)


Everything can be sent (inside Europe). If you want something, send an e-mail to cerrol.jl@gmail.com

riding starts over 40

You know the feeling when your friends is going for a ride and you don’t have a bike that suits?

Then Stockholm is perfect because it’s always someone else riding something else. Today I missed a nice gravelride but found Emil and got a nice roadride instead 🙂

Going out to Strömma on Värmdö in easy tempo with Emil doing some intervals and even as it was wet and my bike ended like this,


it was a nice ride with roads getting dryer and dryer and our bikes was quiet even with all sand on them. As said Emil did some intervals and I kept his wheel while he did them and it felt nice cruising in 35-40km/h without a too big effort. On a couple of downhills when the pace went up I got feeling and ”attacked” a little. My Roval CLX64 is really nice when it starts to go a bit faster and the bike begs for attacks 😉


Happy life on new roads for me. Exploring new places with friends on a bike is my favourite. Love to see new places and you see so much more riding a bike compared to driving a car.

On the way back I got to ride the new bridge to Kvarnholmen too, not sure if it was so nice but Stockholm with islands and all water is beautiful:


A great start of my wednesday while having free from work. Perfect weather for Café du Cycliste’s rain clothes too. Warm, dry and tight so felt fast 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

saved 40g rotating weight


plastic bag was 1-2g and it’s two rimtapes in the bag for Roval CLX64. CLX64 are 2Bliss with plugs instead of those tapes. Plugs are 25 pieces in plastic with a rubber lip to close the holes, feels like they should be heavier than a thin tape. But they are superlight:


Like 0,5g each 🙂 Nice weightsaving on my Tarmac:


7,2kg but could easy go under 6,9kg without spending a single cent 😉

Red Hook Crit Milano No. 7 part 1/3

It’s been a weekend of that gave me dreams, friends and with so many expressions. People go full out instead of just fitting in a line with one type.

We start with the easiest, the parts a.k.a bikes. Here starts the fashion with so many different styles. Coming to the Crit area in Bovisa, Milano starts with S-Works:


Very standard high class racing with black. The AllezAllez teambikes wheren’t so plain black painted by Erik Nohlin:


Wooden striped rims:


A different designer and style for every race:


Not as standard as the Red Hook Crit bike:


Another cool team is the Cinelli-Chrome with their lovely HEDwheels:


Or maybe my favorites, Oscar that seemed more red in real than on my picture:


Found a bike with a Specialized Tarmac Nibali shark front:


A lot of bikes, a lot of different bikes:


That includes picture of the winner yesterday:



And a cool kit:


As you may have seen it’s not just all about:


as it’s fashion. No big clubs with old people not wanting changes or colorful clothes makes design easier and easier to try new cool patterns.

The two things making this special is the fashion, having it in Milano suits the fashion 🙂 And the other thing is how people fight and really tries to go faster. No matter if you’re a women or a men, everyone goes flat out and giving up is not on their minds. Racing!

Ending with a bear, some gold and the startyear of a Red Hook Crit Sponsorcompany called Specialized 🙂


More will come tomorrow. What do say if this part was about parts. Left is people and the race, which you like to read about first?

Castleride to the cakes

Some are racing CX in Gothenburg, some are travelling, some work. For us still in Stockholm we are thankful for Martin’s Taxinge plans.

Was 12 riders gathered at Liljeholmen this morning ready to ride to Taxinge castlecafé.

After 20km and after chasing back after I dropped my bottle I felt a bit cooked and took place behind the group aiming to hang on, a great group:


After Södertälje it felt better and I went around with everyone else the rest of the ride 🙂

After 61km we finally arrived to this:


Wasn’t alone:


With me trying to be a bit absent-minded when Johan took pictures:


Ending this photoserie with a picture of my Crux kited for road with my S-Works crankset and Roval CLX64 wheels. Only alu bike in our group 😉


Map and stats: Strava


Long time since last post, have been in Canada as you may have seen if you follow me (jonaslundb) on Insta. Now I’m back home and will try to catch up here.

The day before I left me, Emil and Mathias from Sumo did Roslagshösten which is more of an endurance ride/fondo than a race but some guys from Stockholm CK said they took it as a race.

I didn’t and after going around helping with the pacing the first 10km I went back and stayed there, felt a bit fast for me and had to save some energy if I should keep up the 135km. Emil was in the front a lot and took many attacks while Mathias rode a bit more smart and was in the middle, up in front some times.

After 60km it felt a bit easy and I got up and take my turns again. Felt like it was some attacks and I wrong turn made me ride a bit hard to catch the rest again with many trying to hang onto my wheel. 😉

On a small beautiful road Emil and Mathias was in the front and I came passed talking about our supporter 😉 We’re the club supported by Gravity 😀 and it went fast downhill. My CLX64 wheels was really nice when going fast.

Emil had to drop once after having too much cramps and Stockholm CK attacked after attack and when more then half of the group is from the same club it’s getting hard. Was some strong guys trying and I was up bombing to try to catch the first ones a little too. Feels a bit fun riding 45 and having a group of  cyclists just trying to hang on the wheel 😀

In the end I think some got away (last km) and as it wasn’t a race I just tried to hang on the group and didn’t want to stress and maybe crash in the last corners which was pretty hard. One guy almost crashed, just went straight in the corner skidding but he managed to stay on the bike 🙂

Me and Mathias finished in the first group and it was the fastest long ride I’ve done. Felt really good and it was great fun 😀


Map and stats: Strava



Changed wheels yesterday and did Morningspins this morning. 18 riders and I was the only one with disc brakes. in the middle of Rapha 12Hills we were in a group of 5, 3 with disc brakes.

I started with discs on road last year with a Specialized Crux. Changed it for a Specialized Diverge over the winter and wanted it on road. Riding my Tarmac with Sram discs is the best I’ve ever done. No matter if I’m going slow in a bunch, fast descending in France, if it’s dry or raining. There isn’t a single time I wanted rimbrakes but there has been so many times I’m happy with discs. Much smoother than a carbon rim, stronger and love Sram’s modulation.

Road.cc wrote an article about the 10 hottest bikes for 2017. Just 2 bikes with rimbrakes. Discs are the future.


Vätternrundan with She Rides

If you say to any Swede that you cycle you will get the question: Have you ridden Vätternrundan? A huge amateur ”race” around Swedens 2nd biggest lake and 297km long.

Now I’ve done it!

And I had a fun time. Rode with She Rides Sub10 (under 10h) and there are some amazing people there who always spread joy. After riding a lot this year it was an easy ride which made it easier to just enjoy.

And to be able to take some pictures while riding 😉 here in Bankeryd:


Finished like this 😉


Before the start at the house we stayed at, 5.30 and started 6.02 which was a perfect time (just like a Le Peloton)


In Kaxholmen where I usually get dropped but even created gaps while taking it easy today:


Up in Kaxholmen:


Was a bit wet in beginning but Peter was happy:


Our 1st stop in Fagerhult:


The best support. My dad came with coffee and cinnamon rolls, awesome ❤


Jessica and Lotta in Karlsborg:


The strong Mattias in Karlsborg:


Me and the group in Karlsborg 😀


Me and Peter leading the group after too many kilometers on boring roads we finally found some good ones 😀


Smaller road without traffic 🙂


Our awesome group after finishing my longest ride:


Hopefully no one got angry about me talking about ice cream for 297km. My Café du Cycliste did it’s job too and I felt good all day on my Specialized S-Works Toupe saddle 🙂 Good power transfer without hurting my feets with Specialized S-Works Sub6 shoes. Aero and fast with my Specialized S-Works Evade helmet with my lovely Oakley Jawbreakers.

But the thing that worked flawless, begged for attacks and felt good all day as it never had too big bottles is my Specialized S-Works Tarmac disc! Fast and fun without any problems:


I love to just step on a bike and feel like home. Feel that everything is right and don’t worry about that something will break or not be enough. Or loosing grip in the wet like I did see one guy do in front of me in Bankeryd. Specialized S-Works Turbo tires are just awesome 😀

Big Thanks to Jessica who’s got She Rides and to Noor who was todays leader. 

Ending with map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #97

It is so much in your mind about cycling. A friend of mine said I easy would manage under 8h on Vätternrundan 300km this weekend with my shape. I’m not sure and going under 10h.

Johan and Magnus came to Peloton in their new kit today, guess if they where ready to show off?


Not as many as a sunny Wednesday, people maybe resting for Vätternrundan this weekend?


The ride itself was a bit of an organized chaos. My legs felt like shit up to Nacka Forum and I thought when I should drop. We got some redlights and 3(!) tractors to pass that slowed us down a bit. I tried to do my best with the thoughts of not having to close to many gaps, to always have someone behind me, not sprint past Nils and to keep the wheel of Michael.

It was hard, really hard, we almost crashed with one not leaving enough space in a corner but we all stayed on wheels and I was in the first group all the way to the end. Some people may say I’m in good shape and can’t deny it but there are people who are in shape I never will be in. But as I’m a human I found the easy solutions to keep the losses to a minimum. I say I’m not an Aerofan but when I love to optimize I also love to reduce drag to go as fast as possible and just to keep up.


Specialized S-Works Evade helmet saves 56 seconds over Prevail

Specialized S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit saves 96 seconds over regular bibs and race fit jersey

Specialized S-Works Sub6 with Warp Sleeve is the most aero shoes Specialized developed and maybe the best aeroshoes that are UCIlegal.

Roval CLX64 is more aero than a Zipp 404 Firecrest

Specialized S-Works Turbo is the 2nd fastest tire in the world.

Marginal Gains Sky says, the Aero Advantage says Specialized. Placebo others maybe say. Pushing limits, being able to ride fast without intervals I say 😉 Like dope but legal and without hurting my body 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Älgö the double

This past weekend I talked with Isabelle about training and about the difference in our lives. We both love cycling but she always ride with a purpose. I don’t, I just ride because I like it. She is faster than me but that’s not what matters for me now.

I love racing, love to be a part of a cycling club that work for racing even though I’m not so active, love to watch and follow races and see people develop.

This week I had a plan with my riding as I’m riding 300km Vätternrundan on Saturday which is the biggest cycling thing in Sweden with over 20000 starters and many Sub groups all from 15h down to under 7h. It’s not a race but the biggest goal in many cyclists life.

My plan was to ride Älgö Deluxe this morning, Le Peloton tomorrow and then rest except just transporting myself to work and home. So started this day with Älgö Deluxe:

Found a great picture of the different clubs. Stockholm CK, CK Valhall, Fredrikshof and SUMO riders all together:



Felt easy on the way there and felt good sitting on wheel. But when I went in front my heart rate went to the sky without any legpower. Got dropped just before Älgö together with Jürg and we rode the rest together. Seems like the other ones went fast with KOM’s and such things. I had an average of 35km/h so maybe I did have some legpower. Stats: Strava

So after work my plan was just to go home. Then it changed to go to Storkällan GP with Magnus and Simon. Rode there and then I got a tempting message and changed my mind. Instead of watch the race there alone I went for an easy spin to Älgö with the most beautiful riders of Rocket Racing Team:


Ended with ice cream on Södermalm and a late arrival at home with 69km instead of 10 😉

Stats: Strava